Gal Gadot sizzles in new trailer for Netflix’s ‘Red Notice’, opposite The Rock and Ryan Reynolds



Dan Buffa, Special to the Jewish Light

If there’s one great way to sell a movie, cast three extremely likable stars and let them run with it, but make sure there’s one killer female among the group.

That’s what Netflix did with Rawson Marshall Thurber’s “Red Notice,” the streaming service giant’s winter action-adventure comedy. They brought in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, but upped the ante considerably with the casting of Gal Gadot as the woman whom both men are tasked with chasing in the movie.

Gadot, the Israeli-born actress of Ashkenazi-Jewish descent, steals the spotlight in the first trailer for the movie, which debuted last week. Johnson plays an Interpol agent who must join forces with a world-class con artist (Reynolds) to catch the world’s greatest art thief (Gadot). Forced to work with one another, Johnson and Reynolds easily trade witty zingers in the same fashion they did in a couple scenes in 2018’s “Hobbs and Shaw,” the “Fast and Furious” spin-off that became a global blockbuster. But it’s Gadot who gets the best moments in the trailer, including one instance where she takes on both guys in front of a high-priced Faberge egg.

Imagine that. The Rock, well-known for playing every larger-than-life (super) hero over the past ten years of cinema-saving adventures, along with Reynolds-who is most known for his hilarious and lucrative part as the wisecracking “Deadpool”-trying to take on Gadot, best known for “Wonder Woman” in a pair of movies, one pretty good and one not-so-good. Check out the trailer and wait for the fight about a minute in.

In case you’re not up for the preview at the moment, or can’t unleash a 150-second teaser in a crowded office, allow me to describe the action. As the two men approach in tuxedos not meant for fighting, Gadot walks out from behind a piece of art in a red dress that could launch a thousand ships. Johnson tells her she’s under arrest, and Gadot responds in winking spirit as she lets her hair fall way past her shoulders, “You wanna arrest me… arrest me.” Reynolds merely wants the egg and states that case, but he catches a punch to the neck from the hard-to-catch Gadot, who was an Israeli soldier before she played make-believe. A few quick seconds later, she has the two men handcuffed and recovering from a kick-induced collapsing headbutt.

Later in the trailer, she dances with Johnson, taunting him even further as the chase goes to another level. “How are you and your partner in crime,” she asks. After The Rock responds by telling her this all ends with her in handcuffs, Gadot leans into the cheekiness by proclaiming, “promises… promises.” If there isn’t a drop of sweat falling off your forehead, followed by a good laugh, I don’t know what to say. These are the kind of kettle corn action flicks with just enough personality to run nice and easy inside a moviegoer’s mind.


“Red Notice” reminds me of those old school adventure films where everybody can tell how it’s going to end, but the good times you have watching deflect your attention away from that very noticeable recycled side effect. Also, it highlights the little-seen but indelible sense of humor of Gadot, who seems to be having the most fun in the movie.

For Gadot, it’s just the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Netflix.

“Heart of Stone,” directed by Tom Harper and currently in pre-production, is being described as a James Bond-esque movie franchise. A female spy thriller that could branch out into several films on the streaming service. It was originally produced at Skydance but moved to Netflix in January. The thriller, which also carries “Mission: Impossible” elements, scored Gadot an eight-figure payday. Comic book writer Greg Rucka is penning the script and Harper, while he doesn’t own a gem of a movie in recent years, could find that all change with this one film.

If Gadot is involved, there’s a good chance it can’t be all bad. Even with the box office failure (graded on a curve with the pandemic) of “Wonder Woman: 1984,” she made chunks of that movie digestible with her talent alone. After all, it hasn’t taken long for audiences to fall in love with her. Before she rocketed to stardom with her portrayal of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, Gadot played a vital role in “The Fast and Furious” series, but her impact wasn’t truly felt until the DC comics heroine came along. In fact, there was a moment where she almost quit the entertainment industry over a lack of roles. Suffice to say, things have changed.

In addition to the payday for “Heart of Stone,” Gadot is receiving a $20 million check for her role in “Red Notice,” a number that is pretty close to her male co-leads’ salary. She received $10 million for the “Wonder Woman” sequel, and those paydays should continue.

Like the Netflix film she is starring in, Gadot is a throwback to a golden age of Hollywood where a sharp woman in a sharp dress meant treacherous events for anyone bold enough to take her on. The 36-year-old may seem like she’s been around the game for a while, but I think she’s just getting started.

“Red Notice” debuts on Nov. 24.