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A nonprofit, independent news source to inform, inspire, educate and connect the St. Louis Jewish community.

St. Louis Jewish Light

A nonprofit, independent news source to inform, inspire, educate and connect the St. Louis Jewish community.

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at a campaign rally in the Bronx, June 22, 2024. (Luke Tress)

Far-left group pulls endorsement of Ocasio-Cortez after she hosts panel on antisemitism

Luke Tress, JTAPublished July 11, 2024

The Democratic Socialists of America dropped its endorsement of New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after she hosted a panel discussion on antisemitism. The DSA said in a Tuesday statement that it was rescinding its conditional endorsement of Ocasio-Cortez’s...

Candace Owens speaking at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.

Far-right commentator doubts Mengele experiments, calls them ‘propaganda’

JNS StaffPublished July 10, 2024

Far-right political commentator and talk-show host Candace Owens, who was let go from The Daily Wire in March over anti-Jewish rhetoric, dipped her toe into antisemitic waters once again. She called the torturous “experiments” on Jewish and other...

A statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Nov. 26, 2010. The statue was defaced with graffiti reading Gaza on July 9, 2024. (Gus Maussen via Creative Commons)

Anne Frank statue in Amsterdam tagged with ‘Gaza’ graffiti

Andrew Lapin, JTAPublished July 10, 2024

A statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam was defaced Tuesday, with the word “Gaza” painted in red on the base. The statue sits in a public park near the famous annex where Frank and her family hid from the Nazis, and where they were later discovered.  Mayor...

176 gravestones were knocked over in two Jewish cemeteries in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 1, 2024.

176 Jewish gravestones vandalized at 2 Cincinnati cemeteries

Andrew Lapin, JTAPublished July 2, 2024

(JTA) — Vandals in Cincinnati damaged or knocked over 176 gravestones at two historic Jewish cemeteries over the course of the past week. A joint statement from the local Jewish federation, Jewish Community Relations Council and Jewish Cemeteries...

SXSW faces backlash over Israel: drops U.S. Army sponsorship for 2025

SXSW faces backlash over Israel: drops U.S. Army sponsorship for 2025

JNS StaffPublished July 1, 2024

South by Southwest (SXSW), the more than 35-year-old annual conference and music festival held in Austin, Texas, announced recently that it is revising its sponsorship model “after careful consideration.” “The U.S. Army, and companies who engage...

Family members of Hamas hostages lead a crowd at a rally in Central Park, March 10, 2024. (Luke Tress)

Nearly half of Americans see antisemitism as a ‘very serious problem,’ poll finds

Ron Kampeas, JTAPublished July 1, 2024

More than one in 10 American Jewish adults say they were frequently “treated poorly or harassed” due to their religion over the past year, according to a new Gallup poll. An additional 25% said such treatment happened occasionally. A majority of...

A carving of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments on the facade of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. Proponents of public displays of the decalogue say it has historical, not just religious, significance. (Steve Petteway/Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States)

The 10 Commandments, Christian nationalism and the Jewish future of church and state

Andrew Silow-Carroll, JTAPublished June 30, 2024

One week after Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry signed legislation requiring that the Ten Commandments be displayed in every public classroom in the state, nine families — including three Jewish families — filed suit in federal court saying the law was...

(L) Allora McCullough and (R) Dani Collette.

Craft Alliance shuts down exhibit over concerns about antisemitic imagery


Less than 24 hours after opening, Craft Alliance shut down its artist-in-residence exhibition for policy violations. “The artwork and titles contained antisemitic imagery and slogans calling for violence and the destruction of the Jewish state of...

A man holds a copy of the graphic novel version of The Diary of Anne Frank, by Israeli writer-director Ari Folman and illustrator David Polonsky, in Paris Sept. 18, 2017. (Stringer/AFP via Getty Images)

Texas school district removes ‘Anne Frank’s Diary,’ ‘Maus,’ ‘The Fixer,’ and 670 more after right-wing complaint

Andrew Lapin, JTAPublished June 26, 2024

(JTA) — The superintendent of a school district in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas recently agreed within minutes to a conservative group’s demands to remove 676 books, including some seminal texts about the Holocaust and antisemitism. Now, weeks...

The Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan on May 31, 2022, before a “discussion of the Jewish-Catholic Relationship”. This event was co-sponsored by the Detroit JCRC/AJC and the Archdiocese of Detroit. The Shrine was founded by Father Charles Coughlin, who had an antisemitic radio show in the 1930s. (Jeff Kowalsky/JTA)

Father Coughlin’s church will now teach visitors about his antisemitism

Andrew Lapin, JTAPublished June 25, 2024

During his Depression-era run as one of the country’s most popular radio personalities, Father Charles Coughlin spread antisemitic conspiracy theories, praised fascists and suggested Jews deserved the horrors of Nazi persecution. Now, nine decades...

(Clockwise from top left) High school yearbooks in East Brunswick, New Jersey; Bellaire, Texas; St. Louis Park, Minnesota; and Glenview, Illinois went to press during the 2023-24 school year with material that Jews said was antisemitic or insensitive, ranging from the swapping out of a Jewish student group photo with a Muslim group, to descriptions of the Israel-Hamas war that avoided the Oct. 7 attacks. (Collage by JTA)

Investigation completed in New Jersey high school yearbook incident

Andrew Lapin, JTAPublished June 20, 2024

A New Jersey high school yearbook’s misprint of a photo of Muslim students in place of its Jewish Student Union “was not purposeful, but rather was a highly unfortunate error,” an independent investigator has concluded.. The controversy at...

A protest led by Within Our Lifetime in Manhattan, September 17, 2021. (Luke Tress)

What is ‘Within Our Lifetime,’ the radical anti-Israel group harassing Jews and making headlines

Luke Tress, JTAPublished June 20, 2024

(New York Jewish Week) — When anti-Israel activists protested outside a Lower Manhattan exhibition commemorating the victims of the Nova music festival massacre on Oct. 7, they were condemned as antisemitic by some of Israel’s critics as well as its...

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