Jewish Jokes: Did you hear the one about the kippah wearing bee?


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

I was recently asked by the mother of an old friend, “Why I do a “Jewish Joke of the Day.” I responded and she thought I should share my answer.

I believe as Jews, we love to laugh. I believe Jews love to laugh at themselves and laugh at the very things we as Jews, identify as being Jewish. I believe we do it out of love, and not with malice. I also believe that in history, we have used humor to add levity to serious Jewish concerns such as war, antisemitism, and the historical mistreatment of our people.

Jewish humor can be difficult to define. As William Novak and Moshe Waldoks write in “The Big Book of Jewish Humor,” it is easier to describe Jewish humor in terms of what it is not than what it is. “It is not, for example, escapist. It is generally not cruel and does not attack the weak or the infirm. At the same time, it is also not polite or gentle,” they wrote.

Not everyone gets every joke or finds every joke funny. If you don’t like Jewish humor because you believe it plays into “tropes” and “stereotypes” you are certainly entitled to that feeling, but please do not read further. Again, you are entitled to not enjoy Jewish humor, just as others are entitled to enjoy it.

If you agree with this definition of why we celebrate Jewish humor, you’re invited to read on.

The following joke was sent in from reader Kenny Fischer. If you have a joke, please email me at [email protected]

Your Jewish Joke Of The Week

A bee is on a flower doing his thing and another bee lands there also.

Bee 1 says to Bee 2, “Wow, you look so happy and fat.  What’s up?”

Bee 2 says that there is a Jewish wedding a block away and Bee 1 needs to hurry and go there.

He does and 5 minutes later he returns all fat and happy.  “Great wasn’t it,”  says Bee 2. “But why are you wearing a kippah?”

Bee 1 says, “Yes it was great. I didn’t want them to think I was a WASP!”