Men with U-Haul covered in antisemitic signage harass customers at CA gas station


Louis Keene, The Forward

Two men in a U-Haul truck covered in antisemitic signage harassed patrons at a West Hollywood gas station Sunday in what appeared to be the latest stunt by a man who has taken credit for leading a national antisemitic propaganda campaign.

In a video posted to Twitter, passersby castigated the two men operating the truck, which was painted with slogans including “Jewish Lives Matter Most” and “Abort the ADL,” as officers from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department looked on.

The men also harassed Black people buying gas and shouted a homophobic slur, according to witnesses, and it appeared that supporters accompanied them to the action.

In a statement, the sheriff’s department said investigators are working to identify who rented the truck.


But the responsible group seemed to be taking credit on the truck itself.

Just above the passenger side door the initials “GDL” were painted, an apparent reference to the Goyim Defense League, an antisemitic propaganda project run by a man based in the San Francisco Bay area.