Carole King lookalike winner and Muny season ticket winners announced


Carole King and Lynn Harris


Well it’s too late baby to enter our Carole King lookalike contest because the deadline has passed, but we have a winner: Lynn Harris of University City.

Harris, who is now mostly retired, admitted that she spent her “entire professional and personal life avoiding being photographed.” But she said she decided to enter after reading the story announcing the contest, in which I said that like a lot of Jewish girls who came of age in the late 1960s and ’70s, I wanted nothing to do with my naturally curly/wavy/frizzy hair, so I ironed it to make it flat or straight.

“That part, in particular,” said Harris, “incentivized me to enter the contest.”

Figuring if she was going to enter, she might as well go big, she enlisted the help of a friend who has both a window seat in her condominium and a cat. Then Harris went about trying to recreate the cover of King’s iconic “Tapestry” album, with a fun twist – holding an actual tapestry.


As the Carole King contest winner, Harris has received a set of tickets for all seven shows at the Muny this summer, starting with first show of the season, the Carole King musical, “Beautiful,” which opens Monday, June 12. She also received vouchers to Frank & Helen’s Pizzeria in U. City for dinner for two before each performance.

And while Harris was the only winner of the lookalike contest, nine other Jewish Light/Morning Light readers received the same prizes – two tickets to all seven shows and the Frank & Helen vouchers – just by entering our Muny ticket giveaway online. Those lucky nine were chosen randomly among 444 entries.

Those winner are: Deborah Slaughter, Gary Solomon, Sandy Klarfield, Bobbie Miller, Elizabeth Rosen, Sharon Silverstein, Sandra Birrittier, Diane Fredman and Susan Wolf.

Congratulations to all.