Report: Iran arrests Mossad-trained terror cell

(JTA) — Iran disbanded and arrested what it called a terrorist cell trained by Israel assigned to sabotage upcoming presidential elections, according to the country’s intelligence ministry.

The head of the terror cell was recruited by the intelligence agency of an Arab country and then traveled to Israel and contacted the Mossad, Israel’s secret security agency, according to the Iranian Fars news agency. The 12-member cell was trained in Israel, the intelligence ministry said in Sunday’s Fars report.

“After receiving the needed intelligence and military training in Israel, the head of the terrorist cell has received a list of actions from Mossad officers to conduct espionage and terrorist activities in Iran,” the report said.

Iran’s presidential elections will be held on June 14. Current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is prevented from running again due to term limits.

Last month, Iran  said it had hanged two convicted spies, one found guilty of working for Israel, and the other for the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency.