Elsewhere: Atlanta’s urban ingathering, the Orthodox exterminator, replacing Waxman

Julie Wiener

Atlanta’s urban ingathering: Young Jewish professionals and families are increasingly settling within the city limits, and resources are popping up to serve them.  (Atlanta Intown Paper)

Tolerating campus anti-Semitism: New York University has allowed its Students for Justice in Palestine group to create a hostile environment for Jewish and pro-Israel students, write Tammi Ross Benjamin and Leila Beckwith. (N.Y. Daily News)

Replacing Waxman: The retirement of Rep. Henry Waxman, the influential Los Angeles Democrat and senior Jewish congressman, has drawn a stampede of candidates looking to replace him. (Economist)

Animal-loving exterminator: Moshe Stein, a New York Orthodox Jew, spends his days killing insects and rodents, but believes the Torah requires him to avoid causing unnecessary pain and suffering to animals.  (Forward)

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