(Un)Happy news

Ellen Futterman, Editor

Jewish Light editor-in-chief emeritus Bob Cohn has been working from home before the rest of St. Louis was told to do so because of the coronavirus. About a month ago, he fell on the concrete outside his home, which required a trip to Mo Bap to have his head wound stapled. Luckily, there was no fracture or concussion and he is healing well. 

But over the weekend, a sad thing happened to the Cohn family that Bob wanted to share with readers. I’ll turn this part of News & Schmooze over to him, so that he can explain in his words:

This has been a challenging time for our community — indeed the whole world — with the deadly COVID-19 plague forcing us to remain isolated at home and to avoid human contact when we need it the most.  At times of uncertainty we need constants in our life like family, friends, co-workers — and of course, pets.       

In the midst of all this chaos and drama, our family lost a beloved pet, a Missouri box turtle I named Happy, a symbol of continuity and loyalty for an incredible 46 years. That’s right, 46 years.

 A 1974 entry in our son’s baby book says “found turtle at Rockwoods Reservation.  Brought him home for the weekend.”  I named him Happy because he did not scrunch into his shell but walked over to us.  It was love at first sight.

For nearly half a century Happy made us happy.  Our ancient amphibian always made us smile or laugh in good times and bad.  Our grandson Jeremy Cohn called him a “Sage in a Shell.”  

In Clayton’s 1976 Bicentennial Parade, Happy won first place in the Turtle Division, never mind that he was the ONLY turtle in the parade!

Happy lived through the Vietnam War, Watergate, 9/11, births, weddings and the death of loved ones.  Happy liked cat food or lettuce, but his favorite treat was strawberries.

Now that it is spring, I would love to give Happy a big juicy strawberry and watch him chomp on it with gusto.

So long, Happy, our faithful companion.  Those 46 years might or might not make into the Guinness Book of World Records, but for sure you made it into our hearts. So long, Happy.  I hope that in the turtle section of the world to come, you will roam free in strawberry fields forever.

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