A farewell to Ohr Chadash’s graduating seniors

Juliana Wishne

Juliana Wishne:

While I joined Ohr Chadash my senior year, the experiences and skills I have gained, and the memories and friends I made, will certainly follow me to college and beyond. My favorite memories of Ohr Chadash happened at our monthly meetings when we brainstormed for upcoming issues; the creative energy in the room really excited me, and it felt so great to be surrounded by such sharp minds and artistic people.  Next year, I will head off to The Ohio State University to study political science and Spanish on a pre-law track. I know the writing/managing skills I acquired while working with Ohr Chadash will serve me well, and I wish the upcoming staff the best of luck as they continue on with this amazing publication!


Jake Weisman:

I have been on the teen page for five years now and have found it to be a really great experience. I enjoy writing about topics that interest me and I think that people take the time to read the articles (at least that’s what my grandma tells me). Next year, I will attend the University of Missouri Columbia to study business. I want to thank Mimi Pultman for starting this and hope that it will continue for many years.  


Caleb Ellis:

As I prepare to leave for college, I have had a lot of time to look back at the past four years of high school. Ohr Chadash has played an integral role in my development both as a student of journalism and a person. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, from writing about where to find the best deli sandwich in town to writing about what it means for me to have a Jewish identity. Ohr Chadash has been a great way for me to give back and get involved in a great community. All that preparation has set me up for next year, when I will head off to Duke University in North Carolina. I’m looking to major in history or English, but haven’t quite decided yet. I want to thank the Jewish Light and everyone involved with the teen page for making it such a great experience.