Jewish Song of the Week: A summer groove to help you move


Noah Aronson is based in New York and performs in Jewish communities across the country.

Eric Berger, Associate Editor

What better time than summer to get outside and get your groove on, right?

That’s the assessment offered by Rick Recht, the executive director of JKids RadioJewish Rock Radio and Songleader Boot Camp.

With that in mind, for our latest Jewish Song of the Week, Recht selected a song by Noah Aronson, a New York-based musician who served on the faculty of the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion’s Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music and plays music in Jewish communities around the country, according to his website.

Recht explained his selection: “Summer is my FAVORITE time to get outside and move my body!  While there are tons of great songs out there inspiring kiddos to move and groove, Noah Aronson’s song ‘Goofy Guf’ does it so beautifully through a Jewish lens. ‘Gufi’ in Hebrew means ‘my body’ and Noah takes that Hebrew-English play on words and runs away with it! This is a SUPER fun song and video, and a great way to get out all that goofy summer energy.”

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Check out the song below:

And as we recently completed our first month of Jewish Songs of the Week, we thought would compile Recht’s first four selections.