Jewish Song of the Week: A tune to put you in the mood for Tu B’Av, the Jewish Valentine’s Day


Jacob “Spike” Kraus

Eric Berger, Associate Editor

We are continuing to build our Jewish Song of the Week playlist with the maestro of Jewish rock, Rick Recht.

For those who have missed our first two entries, each week, Recht the executive director of JKids Radio, Jewish Rock Radio and Songleader Boot Camp, selects a different song from the JKids Radio and Jewish Rock Radio online radio stations and tell us what he likes about it.

This week, Recht selected a song to prepare listeners for  Tu B’Av, which occurs this year on July 24.

The holiday “served as a matchmaking day for unmarried women in the Second Temple period (before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 C.E.),” states. “Tu B’Av was almost unnoticed in the Jewish calendar for many centuries but it has been rejuvenated in recent decades, especially in the modern state of Israel. In its modern incarnation it is gradually becoming a Hebrew-Jewish Day of Love, slightly resembling Valentine’s Day in English-speaking countries.”

Recht selected a song by Jacob “Spike” Kraus, a singer-songwriter based in Ann Arbor, Mich., who “has been song leading for over a decade at synagogues, day schools, and summer camps. Now he spends his summers touring Jewish summer camps across North America – performing, teaching, and just being generally ‘camp-ful,” his website states.

Read Recht’s explanation for why he selected the song “You Will Find Me” and watch Kraus perform it below.

“On July 24 we celebrate Tu B’Av, referred to by many as ‘Jewish Valentine’s Day,’ ” Recht writes. “Who doesn’t love love?? And yes, there is some GREAT romantic Jewish music out there. My friend Jacob Spike Kraus has this incredible song ‘You Will Find Me,’ which sounds like a total radio hit mainstream pop song and is actually based entirely on Jewish text! Big LOVE to you and yours!”