How Lev Furman’s dream job became a reality on the sideline for St. Louis City SC


When the players of the new Major League Soccer team, St. Louis City SC take to the soccer field this Saturday, they’ll be ready to compete thanks to years of training as well as the work of many on the sideline. One of those whose job it is to prepare players to perform at their maximum potential is Lev Furman, the official team chiropractor.

Furman is a chiropractic physician who is currently the CEO of the Furman Institute of Health in Richmond Heights.

“When I began my private practice, I formed relationships with numerous sports organizations in St. Louis and worked with many athletes on injury rehab and performance,” said Furman.

In 2013 he became the sports chiropractor for the St. Louis Surge Professional Women’s basketball team. His work with high-level athletes got noticed. In 2022, when the creation of St. Louis City SC was underway, Furman was asked to become the sports chiropractor for St. Louis City 2, which played for a season in the MLS Next League before the main team was created.

When City SC officially launched, Furman joined the club.

“I perform chiropractic treatment on the players to maximize their performance and help them stay injury free, Furman explained. “I also work closely with the team’s medical staff so that each player receives the proper care and attention to get the best results.”

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Meet Lev Furman

Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Furman’s family moved to St. Louis in 1991 when he was just 3 years old. He grew up in the Creve Coeur area and attended Epstein Hebrew Academy from kindergarten to 8th grade.

“My closest friends were all Jewish growing up and I have great memories of spending Shabbos with friends in University City and Chesterfield,” said Furman. “I attended Nusach Hari B’nai Zion growing up and currently participate in services there as well.”

After graduating from Parkway North High School in 2006, he received an associate degree in health science from the University of Missouri St. Louis and then began attending Logan University where he earned a bachelor’s in human biology in 2009. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in April of 2013 and his masters of sports science and physical rehabilitation in 2015.

Furman on the job

Soccer teams worldwide have embraced chiropractic care ever since George Billauer began treating the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team 30 years ago. Now, many teams have an official chiropractor on staff.

“I believe chiropractic care is essential for all athletes of any sport. The human body is exposed to many stressors in life, and the physical component must be addressed when we find imbalances. Chiropractic focuses on the musculoskeletal system to restore balance and function to the body,” said Furman.

In the days leading up to a game, Furman visits the players and staff every week at the Washington University Orthopedics High-Performance Training Center located next to the stadium, CityPark.

“The moment I arrive I get right to work,” said Furman. “First, I meet with the head athletic trainer to determine who I will be treating that day and what their case report is. I have my own treatment room located in the trainer’s area where I see players and staff for a few hours each week.”

Furman first performs a head-to-toe assessment of areas where they may be experiencing movement restrictions. These could cause loss of mobility and/or stability, which can lead to compensations. His treatment goal is to restore proper joint mechanics and soft tissue health using manipulation and manual therapy.

“On a typical game day, I will arrive at the stadium a couple of hours before the start of the match. I set up in the trainer’s area inside the stadium and wait for the players to arrive. Once the players have changed into their game-day attire, they come to the trainer’s area for pre-game treatments where I will perform chiropractic care,” said Furman.

Living his dream

Furman won’t travel with the team to away games, but each weekend home game you can bet he is as excited to be on the field as the players he helps to keep on it.

“Working with a professional sports team is my dream job,” he said. “I enjoy every second of it and am beyond grateful to be a part of the St. Louis City SC organization.

“My goal now is to be better every day for my patients by staying on top of my game in furthering my education and learning from the top healthcare providers in the world.”