Lilli Prelutsky

Lilli Prelutsky

Lilli Prelutsky, age 95, passed away peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday evening, July 8, 2020. 

Lilli was born in Berlin to Ernst and Hertha Simon on December 19, 1924, and married her spouse, Albert Prelutsky, on December 19, 1946. She is survived by her daughter Eileen, son-in-law Thomas, grandchildren Marc, Geoff and Cary, and great grandson Tommy.

She attended a private grade school in Berlin until 1938, when she and her parents fled to Panama to escape Nazi persecution shortly after Kristallnacht, or the infamous Night of the Broken Glass.

In December 1941, she and her parents were apprehended by the Panamanian police because of their European nationality and were handed over to the US military police. They were placed in a temporary detention center at Balboa, Canal Zone, until they were transported to New Orleans by the US military on April 9, 1942. Lilli and her mother were separated from her father and were detained in various US detention camps until March of 1943. They were eventually released from their camps and reunited, when US immigration authorities sent them to resettle in St. Louis. Lilli and her parents eventually became naturalized US citizens. She and her family were never able to establish contact with any of the dozens of relatives that were unable to escape Nazi Germany with them.   

Lilli was the most incredible mother to Eileen and Judy—very involved in their development and especially proud of each of them. As a grandmother, she absolutely adored spending time with—and caring for—her grandchildren Marc, Geoff and Cary. As a wife, she was magnificent. Lilli and Albert became best friends very early in their relationship, and the bond they shared fostered the happiest years of their lives. As a dog groomer, she took special care of the dogs whom she described as wonderful “Mensch” and took great pride on having “only been bitten once” over the course of more than 30 years. In all aspects of her life, Lilli truly was fantastic.

The Kennedy Family would like to extend our gratitude to the staff at Delmar Gardens Creve Coeur for their attentiveness and care, as well as Berger Memorial Chapel and Rabbi Susan Talve for their support. We are all grateful for the precious years we shared with Lilli and will forever cherish the memories we have with her.

Private services were held.