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Top 10 spots to enjoy a hearty breakfast in Tel Aviv

From the classic Eggs Benedict to a traditional Israeli-style breakfast with chopped salad and tahini, here’s where to get your morning fix in the White City.


Benedict’s Sarona Market location. The chain offers breakfast in Tel Aviv 24/7. Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90

Sol Gruffy, Israel21c

Rise and shine!

Whether you need a little hair-of-the-dog after a night of partying in the city that never stops, or you want good coffee and pastry before a long day at the office, or simply crave a great Israeli-style shakshuka — we’ve got you covered!

Check out our list of the top 10 spots in Tel Aviv to savor the most important meal of the day.

  1. Alena, 23-25 Nachmani Street

Photo courtesy of Alena Restaurant at The Norman, Tel Aviv.

After being closed for over a year, Norman Hotel’s prominent restaurant reopened with two new young chefs: Daniel Zur and Omer Shadmi. Together, they created a menu with a combination of Mediterranean food and classical European cuisines.

When it’s not too hot outside, the restaurant’s lovely garden terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy alfresco dining. Alena’s breakfast is based on a small but perfect buffet with the options of freshly baked bread, sponge cakes and butter croissants; home-cured fish and roe, local cheese selection and olives; tabbouleh made with quinoa, fresh local herbs, cranberries and sunflower seeds; Shuk Salad with a rustic mix of kohlrabi, radish and fennel.

In addition to the buffet, you can order àla carte from a selection of options such as Classic Shakshuka with chili and spicy merguez sausage; Eggs Florentine made with poached eggs and spinach on toasted brioche with hollandaise sauce; or the Norman French Toast with caramelized banana, seasonal fruit, and crème fraîche. The breakfast also includes two non-alcoholic drinks.

Breakfast at Alena is served daily 7:30-10am; Friday and Saturday 7am to 4pm. Not kosher.

  1. Café Dallal, 108 Zeev Jabotinsky Street

Dallal is an enchanting bistro in Tel Aviv’s pastoral Neve Tzedek neighborhood. The nearby Dallal Bakery, known for its pastries and desserts, is a mix of nostalgic Israeli flavors and European classics, and Café Dallal is their perfect love child.

At the elegant café, located further north, you will find Dallal’s famous brunch dishes (served all day) in addition to the bakery’s delicious baked goods.

The new 2021 menu consists of several gourmet dishes with a twist, such as BurekaSabich, an open boureka with a boiled egg, eggplant, tahini, salsa and spicy pepper dip; Super Scrambled Salmon Bowl with scrambled eggs, sour cream, gravlax, Boursin cheese, and sourdough toast; and roasted eggplant and tomato shakshuka made with two eggs and spinach, accompanied by bread and tahini.

Alongside you can choose from a wide variety of pastries, desserts, salads and sandwiches.

Breakfast at Café Dallal is served Sunday to Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm. Not kosher.

  1. Lorenz & MintzSchechter Center, 42 Aharon Chelouche Street

In the heart of Neve Tzedek, in a 130-year-old Templer building that formerly housed the historic Café Lorenz, Chef Nili Cohen-Mintz founded Lorenz & Mintz — a kosher café based on Parisian-cuisine with a touch of the Galilee.

With a lovely garden and a quiet interior space, it is one of those places that makes you feel as if you’re in the countryside even though it is located in the heart of the city.

On the breakfast menu, you will find a variety of dairy dishes including kubaneh (traditional Yemenite Jewish bread) with tomato salsa, sour cream, white tahini, hard-boiled egg, and homemade olives; Green Shakshuka made with chard and spinach, sour cream, two eggs, and parmesan; and The Fisherman’s Croissant with pickled lemons, harissa, potato, kalamata olives, tuna confit, sour cream and a soft-boiled egg.

Breakfast is served with an addition of three seasonal tapas, freshly baked bread and a drink of choice.

Breakfast at Lorenz & Mintz is served Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm, Friday until 2pm. Kosher.

  1. The Lighthouse by Brown Hotel, 1 Ben Yehuda Street

Diners enjoying breakfast on the roof of The Lighthouse in Tel Aviv. Photo courtesy of The Lighthouse by Brown

What could be better than riding the elevator of a fancy Tel Aviv hotel to a magnificent roof overlooking the sea, with a full self-serve buffet?

The hotel’s breakfast is served in a beautifully designed indoor space with a sun terrace, where you can find a rich deli-style buffet with freshly squeezed juices, unlimited hot beverages, plus a main course of choice.

The food is farm-to-table, with fresh ingredients transformed by Chef Maor Sabag into a delicious, rich Israeli menu. The buffet consists of homemade pickled fish, sea-fish kebab, zucchini tzatziki, mutbacha, sabich, boutique cheeses, pastries, and more.

Among the main courses, you will find green shakshuka with spinach chard, creamed zucchini and red onion; Halloumi Benedict made with fried halloumi cheese, poached egg, pineapple and mint; and French toast served with pineapple in rosewater, Aperol bitters and whipped cream.

Breakfast at The Lighthouse is served daily from 7-11am, Friday and Saturday until noon, Friday brunch 12:30 to 3pm. Kosher; some dishes are not served on Saturdays.

  1. Café Xoho17 Gordon Street

A burrito plate at Tel Aviv’s vegan/vegetarian Café XoHo. Photo: @thetastyk

Café Xoho has a young and trendy atmosphere that mixes perfectly with excellent coffee and freshly baked cookies. The American-style café is known for its laid-back ambiance and fantastic location, close to Gordon Beach and Independence Park.

Everything, from the hand-rolled bagels to the shmears, is made in-house by the international team. The breakfast menu (served all day) includes a breakfast burrito made with a white flour tortilla filled with chili aioli, two-egg omelet, house-spiced seitan, purple cabbage, red onion, tomato, coriander and jalapeño jam; cream cheese bagel with a variety of toppings (such as onion and jalapeño jam, house-cured salmon, fried eggs and grilled halloumi cheese); and five fluffy pancakes topped with fresh whipped cream, mixed berries, and a side of maple syrup.

Xoho smoothies are a must-try, especially the turmeric smoothie made with banana, almond butter, coconut milk, ginger and spices; or the banana crunch smoothie made with cinnamon, dark chocolate, dates and almond milk.

Breakfast at Café Xoho is served daily except Monday, 9am to 4pm. Not kosher.

  1. Manta Ray4 Nahum Goldmann Street

Manta Ray on Tel Aviv’s Alma Beach. Photo via Facebook

This prominent beachside restaurant is known for its spectacular view, just a foot away from the Mediterranean Sea, alongside its fabulous menu filled with fresh seafood. Manta Ray is the perfect spot to experience one of Tel Aviv’s best breakfasts while breathing in the fresh sea air.

The breakfast menu includes scrambled eggs with shrimp and asparagus on roasted challah with aioli; 6-minute boiled eggs with yellowtail sashimi on rye bread with aioli, small radish, and scallion; scrambled eggs with manouri Greek cheese on a crispy tartlet, mushrooms, and truffle spread; ceviche made with gray mullet, red onion and sumac spice; and pancakes with seasonal fruit, maple syrup and crème fraîche.

Breakfast at Manta Ray is served daily, 9-11:45am. Not kosher.

  1. Benedict, 29 Rothschild Boulevard

No wonder Benedict’s motto is “Breakfast is a way of life, not the time you eat it.” You can pop into the fabulous Rothschild branch (one of 11 across Israel) any time of the day, and a pleasant host will greet you with a wide smile and a “good morning!” (yes, even at 2am).

Benedict’s menu contains a huge variety of traditional and classic breakfasts from different cultures and traditions. Some of the classics are English, Israeli, French, American, or Spanish-style breakfasts.

Although the chain’s name is Benedict, one of their most sought-after dishes is the Egg Balls, an omelet made with whipped and baked eggs that look like dumplings. It comes with a sauce of your choice, a basket of hot rolls and a green salad.

Benedict is open 24/7. Not kosher.

  1. Nola American Bakery197 Dizengoff Street

Nola is a charming bakery and café known for its nostalgic, American-style goods. NOLA stands for New Orleans, Louisiana, and the atmosphere and food definitely live up to the Southern name. The beautiful pastry display catches your eye the moment you walk in, with a daily variety of freshly baked cookies, pies and cakes.

The breakfast dishes are served around the clock and include a drink of your choice or a morning cocktail (for additional cost).

The Nola Breakfast includes two eggs of your choice, served with hash browns, bacon/salmon, cream cheese and a bagel; the Blackstone Biscuit is a biscuit split open and topped with a grilled tomato, bacon/salmon/spinach, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce; the House Special is made with hash browns topped with melted cheese, mushrooms and caramelized onion, two fried eggs, green salad, cream cheese, and a bagel.

The Breakfast at NOLA cocktail is especially mouthwatering and made with citrus juice, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort and honey.

Breakfast at NOLA American Bakery is served Sunday to Friday 7:30am to 4pm, Saturday 9am to 4pm. Not kosher.

  1. Anastasia, 54 Frishman Street

Dairy-free delights at Café Anastasia, Tel Aviv. Photo by Or Kaplan

Anastasia operates in a beautifully preserved building, in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. The trendy resto-café offers a vegan and healthful menu, emphasizing freshness with an extensive choice of raw and gluten-free options.

The vegetables and fruits are sliced just before they reach your table, the organic coffee is fair trade, and the almond milk is freshly made in-house. The Open Table breakfast is highly recommended and consists of house spreads — sunflower aioli cream, pesto, labaneh, turmeric tahini, sundried tomatoes, vegetable salad made with greens, red onions, olive oil and lemon dressing; and a hummus and corn omelet with almond milk, herbs, and onion and homemade bread.

After enjoying a delicious, guilt-free breakfast, check out Anastasia’s factory, which delivers homemade vegan cheeses, spreads, quiches, pastries and a large variety of products for home-cooked meals.

Breakfast at Anastasia is served Sunday to Thursday 9am to 10pm, Friday 9am to 4pm, Saturday 10am to 4:30pm. Not kosher.

  1. Café Cucu83 Dizengoff Street

This new café in Cucu Boutique Hotel on Dizengoff Square will make you feel as if you’ve been transported into the romantic streets of Paris with its a perfect European culinary experience. The café’s crowd consists of the hotel’s guests alongside foodies eager to try the new hot spot for breakfast in town.

Cucu’s menu offers an eclectic mix of dishes such as avocado poached eggs made with cherry tomato confit on toasted spelt and nut bread; endive salad with blue cheese, lettuce, arugula, roasted beet, walnuts and seasonal fruit; and Shakshuka Mon Cheri with merguez sausage, challah bread and tahini.

For the full Parisian experience, don’t skip the cheese plate (three kinds of cheese, seasonal fruit, butter and bruschetta).

Breakfast at Café Cucu is served daily from 9 m to 4pm. Not kosher.

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