Thousands rally for social justice in Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Echoing the mass protests that occurred across Israel last summer, thousands gathered in major Israeli cities on Saturday night to rally for social justice.

While smaller than last year’s rallies, Haaretz reported that Saturday night’s gatherings in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and across the country drew 10,000 demonstrators. Maariv put the number at more than 15,000. Five hundred people protested in Jerusalem by marching to the central Zion Square, which the city recently made off-limits to protests.

Some Jerusalem demonstrators also temporarily blocked the city’s light rail from moving, while Tel Aviv protesters blocked major streets, according to Israeli reports.

The rallies came one week after protests in Tel Aviv resulted in violent clashes with police. The Times of Israel reported that leaders of Saturday night’s gatherings coordinated them in advance with police, and that large numbers of police were present at the protests.

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