Mubarak sentenced to prison term for embezzlement

Ben Sales

(JTA) — Hosni Mubarak, the autocratic president of Egypt deposed in 2011, was sentenced to three years in prison for embezzlement.

Mubarak, 86, was sentenced Wednesday after being convicted of embezzling $17.6 million meant for renovating presidential palaces, according to reports. His sons, Alaa and Gamal, also were convicted and will serve four-year terms.

Mubarak, who is is awaiting a retrial on charges of killing protesters during the 2011 Arab Spring demonstrations in Egypt, has been in prison for three years and is under house arrest at a military hospital. It is unclear whether the time he has served will count toward the sentence.

His former intelligence chief, Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, is expected to win Egypt’s presidential elections next week.

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