McCain bemoans ‘daylight’ between U.S. and Israel over Iran threat


JERUSALEM — The United States and Israel clearly have daylight in their assessment of the threat posed by Iran, U.S. Sen. John McCain said in Jerusalem.”There should be no daylight between America and Israel in our assessment of the threat. Unfortunately, there clearly is some,” McCain (R-Ariz.), said Tuesday evening after meeting with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

McCain, who is leading a delegation of five senators through the Mideast, added that it is “not helpful if there is a well-publicized tension between the U.S. and Israel. We would like to see the United States and Israel agree on a course of action that will lead us toward a goal we both share.”

The 2008 Republican presidential nominee said the Islamic Republic has been “undeterred” in its quest to get nuclear weapons.

“Whether they have actually made a decision or not, they’re on the path by assembling all the necessary components for a nuclear weapon, and that is something that is unacceptable to us and must be stopped,” McCain said.

His delegation arrived in Israel from Egypt, where they had met with the military as well as leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to discuss the American nongovernmental workers who have been charged with fomenting unrest in Egypt.