Jewish Home files complaint over threatening posts to party chairman

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Jewish Home party has filed a police complaint over threatening comments posted to chairman Naftali Bennett’s Facebook page. The posts call for violence against Bennett, Israel’s education minister, and other politicians with the right-wing, pro-settler party, accusing them of being murderers. The comments amount to incitement, the complaint said, according to reports Wednesday. They were posted as well to other social media. Bennett has been at the center of criticism since two attacks late last week: the stabbing of six marchers at the Jerusalem gay pride parade, with a 16-year-old girl succumbing to her wounds, and the firebombing of a Palestinian family’s West Bank home that killed a baby and left family members fighting for their lives. Jewish extremists are accused of committing the arson. Bennett was turned away from speaking at an anti-violence rally on Saturday night following a hostile reaction to his participation and after he refused to sign a pledge committing to advancing gay-rights legislation. Last week, prior to the firebombing, he said at an illegal Jewish outpost being razed that the answer to terrorism is building more settlements. Powered By | Full Text RSS Feed