Israelis rally in Tel Aviv in solidarity with Women’s March

Marcy Oster

JERUALEM (JTA) — Hundreds of Israelis, mostly women, rallied in front of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington.

The rally on Saturday night, marking the first day that President Trump spent in office, was one of dozens taking place in cities around the world in support of the human rights march in Washington D.C. which drew about 2.6 million people. Hundreds of thousands of people also marched in cities throughout the United States.

About 500 people, many American-Israelis, came to Tel Aviv for the rally, some carrying posters that read: “Hate does not make America great,” “Love Trumps hate,”  “Resistance has no borders,” and “Keep your tiny hands off my rights.”

The rally was organized mainly via an invitation-only Facebook page called Pantsuit Nation Israel, which has more than 1,200 members.

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“As liberals or progressive English speakers in Israel, it’s easy to feel like we’re a minority, but if you look around here tonight, I think we can say that’s not the case,” Pantsuit Nation Israel founder Mindy Goldberg said at the rally.

“We are here to say, we have an important voice. A unique American-Israeli voice that is rooted in the history of the discrimination of our people that can and will stand up to the bigotry and demonization of others and say loudly and clearly that Trump is not good for Israel, or for anyone,” she said.

Though the rally was billed as non-political and non-partisan, some marchers held signs against the occupation and advocating for Palestinian rights as well as gay rights and women’s rights.