Iran reports arrests of alleged spies for Israel

(JTA) — More than 15 Iranian and foreign nationals reportedly were arrested for carrying out alleged terrorist missions for Israel in Iran.

IRNA, Iran’s official news agency, reported Tuesday that the group is accused of spying for Israel, the attempted assassination of an Iranian expert and sabotage. The report did not identify the expert’s field.

The report also said that Iranian intelligence uncovered a Mossad spy base in a neighboring country, according to The Associated Press.

A statement issued by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said that the group’s mission “was to identify and assassinate one of our nation’s experts and to bomb some of the nation’s installations using professionally made technical tools,” AFP reported.

Earlier this month, IRNA released a report saying that Iranian intelligence arrested a “Zionist regime-backed terrorist team” and promised more details at a later date.

The report did not say when the arrests took place.

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