Elsewhere: Gaza media manipulation, Hamas wants genocide, Gaza therapist’s trauma

Miriam Moster

What’s next for Gaza: If Gaza’s civilian infrastructure isn’t rebuilt quickly and its blockade lifted, groups even more extreme than Hamas could seize power, Avi Issacharoff writes. (Times of Israel)

Gaza media manipulation: While Israel tries to influence journalists with statements, memos and articulate spokespersons, Hamas members stage dramatic camera-ready scenes, Sudarsan Raghavan writes. (Washington Post)

Hamas wants genocide: Hamas’ charter is up front about its desire to wipe out the Jews, a fact many people choose to ignore, Jeffrey Goldberg writes. (Atlantic)

Gaza therapist’s trauma: Hassan al-Zeyada specializes in counseling trauma victims in Gaza, but after losing his mother and three brothers in an Israeli airstrike, he’s struggling with his own psychological scars. (N.Y. Times)

Cemetery’s renewable energy: As a cost-saving and eco-conscious measure, a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis has refurbished its mausoleum-chapel to make it entirely solar-powered. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

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