WATCH: Jewish parody of ’10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman’

Julie Wiener

Since the “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” video about cat-calling was posted online Oct. 28, it has not only gone viral, but prompted a slew of media coverage, as well as debate over whether or not it is racist.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t help noticing that its star, actress Shoshana Roberts, appears to be Jewish. While she did not respond to a JTA interview request, we’re taking an educated guess based on her Ashkenazi looks, her first name (how many non-Jewish Shoshanas have you met?) and the fact that she lists Beginners Hebrew as a skill on her resume.

The video, a public service announcement for a group called Hollaback, has already inspired scores of parody videos. Here’s our favorite, in which a Jewish man is accosted by a panoply of Orthodox Jewish men eager to get him to partake in religious rituals:

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