Sending love and prayer to Reform camp

As more updates come in on the status of the three campers struck by lightning, hundreds of people from around the country have been sending messages of love and prayer to the camp through its Facebook page. Here’s a sampling:

  • Our hearts go out to the 3 young campers and their parents. But they also go out to all of the young campers who sit tonight with pain and fear in their hearts. There is no good time to experience tragedy but hopfully the bonds they have formed this summer will bring them together give each other comfort.
  • My thoughts are with all of GUCI. I know that the love and community at camp with pull you all through. Wishing a speedy recovery for the campers injured, and hoping the remainder of the session will still be as beautiful as always.
  • Our GUCI family is strong and embrace you from around North America with love and prayers of healing.
  • As a parent of three former campers, including a son who is now a madrich on the Israel trip, I am keenly aware of the love that GUCI creates. The love reaches far and wide, from past to present. The magic of GUCI is in the way many hearts become one. Our hearts are with you!
  • All of us attached to and involved in the whole URJ family of camps are thinking of you and praying for your community and those beautiful children. We are so thankful and blessed that you have such a clearly amazing staff. Refuah Shleimah.
Joe Winkler is the online coordinator for JTA.