Learning modern Hebrew offers glimpse of Israeli day-to-day life

Jordan Palmer

For many of us, growing up and going to Hebrew School gave us the foundation for one of two things. If you really studied, you could understand spoken Hebrew, or at least how it was written and spoken in the Bible. If you just did enough to get through your Torah portion, you had the ability to read Hebrew, at least what was written in the Bible. 

Now, you have the chance to learn more. Now, you have the chance to learn modern Hebrew. 

“Modern Hebrew is the everyday spoken Hebrew, which is quite different from the Hebrew used in the bible,” said Roni Lavi, the new J shlichah, who arrived in St. Louis last fall. Lavi will be teaching a new modern Hebrew class combined with Israeli culture and education. Sessions will start via Zoom and, once it is safe, will eventually meet in person.

The J anticipates different levels and abilities depending on community interest.  

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“For students in the “beginner” class, no existing knowledge is required,” said Lavi. “In the “advanced” class you should already know the alphabet and have basic conversation skills. 

Lavi is from Kfar Vradim in Northern Israel not far from the Lebanon border and believes that is important to infuse Israeli education and culture into our local American Jewish communities.

“Israel will always be a home for all Jewish people, and I believe that many Jews feel a deep emotional connection to the state of Israel,” said Lavie. “In order to feel connected to our religion and to fulfill the idea of Zionism, the connection between Israel and Jewish people around the world should be strong.

And if we are speaking about the Hebrew language, learning it through live events that happen in Israel and through the Israeli culture will empower the experience and allow the students to have a meaningful conversation with other Hebrew speakers. 

If you always wanted to learn Hebrew but you never actually started to, this is your chance. These Hebrew lessons, that combine learning about Israeli day-to-day life, current events and different cultural views are taught in small groups by a native Hebrew speaker Israeli 

If you are interested and would like more information regarding timing and prices of the coming Modern Hebrew course, contact Roni at [email protected] or 314-313-0441.

Lavi also writes a blog on www.jccstl.com