Pumpkin spice hummus? Don’t knock it till you try it (and we tried it).


Shaked Karabelnicoff, Special from Jewish Unpacked

It’s fall, which means ’tis the season for all-things pumpkin spice (if you like it or not). Pumpkin spice lattes, Oreos, cheesecake… these are all things I can get behind, because pumpkin spice is delicious.

But the latest pumpkin spice trend is one I was definitely skeptical about: Pumpkin spice hummus.

I know. It just sounds wrong. But whether traditionalists like it or not, dessert hummus is a thing! In fact, it’s been all the rage these last few years. Dessert hummus is, dare I say, trendy.

Exhibit A: check out these flavors:

I don’t know how game I’d be for mint chocolate chip hummus or cake batter but I’m a big pumpkin spice gal, so this dessert hummus was simply calling my name.

My review? I’m shocked to report that pumpkin spice hummus is delicious. I repeat, it’s absolutely delicious. Seriously. (At least the brand I tried.)

It tastes exactly like pumpkin pie filling and it’s addictive.

Now, the question is: what to pair it with?

Try it with pretzel chips — a timeless match. Challah also fits the bill, or better yet, pumpkin challah.

Better yet, make your own batch with our recipe here. (We’re told due to popular demand pumpkin spice hummus is sold out in a lot of areas.)