The 12 best hummus joints in Israel

Where to find authentic restaurants serving the best hummus dishes across the Holy Land, so you can prepare for your next visit.


Hummus photo by Ella Olsson via Wikimedia Commons

Sol Gruffy

(Israel21c) – Choosing the best hummus spots in Israel seems like an impossible mission. In this country, hummus is a national obsession. Every Israeli has a favorite spot, and countless hummus joints hang signs boasting that they’re the best in the land.

Debates about the best hummus dish can get pretty heated. With its Middle Eastern flavors, creamy texture, and mouthwatering toppings such as olive oil, tahini, spices, and mushrooms — no wonder hummus became the staple dish that it is.

With group travel again on the agenda – scheduled to begin on September 19th – we decided to channel our inner Tom Cruise for this “mission impossible” and pick the absolute best places across all regions of Israel to enjoy this heavenly chickpea spread.

If you have a favorite place for hummus in Israel, share it with us in the comments below.


Hummus Said: Acre Market

No visit to the Acre Market in the Old City is complete without stopping by Hummus Said.

If you’re not discouraged by the chaotic queue that stretches out to the market stalls, you’ll get to experience one of the best hummus dishes in Israel. Said (pronounced sah-eed) is a unique institution, serving airy and soft hummus, in true northern tradition, made with divine homemade olive oil and accompanied by fluffy pita bread.

Abu Marun: 1 Kibbutz Galiyot St., Haifa

Msabbaha-style hummus. Photo by Itzuvit via Wikimedia Commons

Abu Marun has been a respected restaurant in Haifa for over 45 years, serving one of the largest, most generous hummus dishes around.

The hummus is extremely delicate and soft, and the msabbaha (“swimming” in Arabic) hummus made with extra tahini, garlic, lemon juice and spices is especially recommended. In addition to the sublime hummus, the home fries seasoned with garlic, lemon, sumac and coriander are a must-try.

Imad Restaurant:52 Tawfiq Ziad St., Nazareth

Imad Restaurant, located in beautiful Nazareth, is owned by the Onallah family for over 40 years. Their secret recipe attracts hummus lovers from all over the country, who visit the northern city just for a taste of the famous chickpea delicacy. The restaurant serves fantastic hummus and shawarma dishes, accompanied by soft pita, falafel, fries, olives, pickles and cabbage salad.

Hummus Eliahu: Yokne’am Junction at the Paz gas station

Hummus Eliyahu is a kosher restaurant chain that started from a tiny single branch at the entrance to Yokne’am, located on the border of the Jezreel Valley and the Menashe Heights.

Since its opening in 2012, it became one of the largest hummus chains in Israel, with more than 50 branches across the country. This godlike hummus is served hot with a Yemenite pita and you can choose from a variety of toppings such as chickpeas grains, ful (broad beans), shakshuka, eggplant, mushrooms, and vegan shawarma.


Bahadunes: 138 Bialik St., Ramat Gan

Bahadunes (“parsley” in Arabic) is another famed hummus chain. The branch in Ramat Gan is a pivotal spot for every self-proclaimed hummus lover. For over 30 years now, the hummus has remained perfect — luscious, smooth and buried under a pile of onions and parsley. Their secret is a long process of removing the chickpea skins, which eventually results in their unique creamy, light texture.

​The Son of the Syrian: 10 Hillel ha-Zaken St., Tel Aviv

Photo courtesy of The Son of the Syrian

The Syrian used to be a famous hummus spot in Tel Aviv’s Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood, and a pit stop for every Tel Avivian after a shopping trip to the Carmel Market. When it closed after many years of business, the owner’s son opened The Son of the Syrian, to the delight of the many grieving fans. The Son of the Syrian serves the same divine dish as its predecessor — “The Complete,” with ful, chopped boiled egg, special spices and fluffy pita.

Abu Hassan: 1 Ha-Dolfin St., 14-17Shivtei Israel St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Abu Hassan (also known as Ali Karavan) is unofficially the best hummus spot in Israel, as sworn by many hummus enthusiasts. Every Friday, the long lines to the restaurant become a lively social gathering. The “Triple dish” is an original invention of the place and also its pride — it is made with hot hummus, msabbaha and ful with lots of the restaurant’s famous garlic and lemon sauce.

Hummus Lina: 42 Al Khanka St., Christian Quarter of the Old City, Jerusalem

Photo courtesy of Hummus Lina

In a hidden corner in the Christian Quarter of the Old City market, you will find a family restaurant with over 60 years in the hummus business. Hummus Lina is currently run by the second and third generation.

The dishes never change, maintaining consistency in quality and taste. They offer hummus with whole chickpeas, ful and msabbaha, with a side of falafel, eggplant, pickles and, of course, pita bread.

Sultan Restaurant: 58 Herzl Blvd., Ramla

Aside from all kinds of grilled meats and a wide variety of salads, at Sultan you’ll find one of the best hummus dishes you’ve ever tasted. The hummus is in a darker shade, with a delicate texture and a rich and slightly heavy taste. The dishes are hot and delicious and accompanied by pickles, pitas, red spice, falafel balls and tahini. The desserts are also a must-try: mousse, muhallebi and Bavarian cream.


 Hummus Shel Tchina: 51 Herzl St., Sderot

Hummus Shel Tchina offers authentic, comforting, fresh hummus, with a refill option for the chickpea fanatics among you. On the menu, you’ll find all the classic hummus dishes with delicious toppings, perfect crispy fries, green falafel, and freshly chopped salads. The desserts (muhallebi and banoffee pie) are also homemade, and of course, their excellent arak is a great digestif.

Hummus Said: 9 Keren ha-Yesod St., Beersheva

Hummus-ful at Hummus Said, Beersheva. Photo courtesy of Hummus Said

Hummus Said is one of the most famous hummus spots in the south of the country. Every day, around 600 diners from all over the region come to enjoy the heavenly dish here.

The menu consists of three hummus dishes: hummus with chickpeas grains, hummus-ful and mashawsha, a variation of msabbaha. Every dish comes with soft pitas, pickles, tomatoes, onions, and a special sour-spicy sauce made of pepper and lemon.

Hummusof: 5 HaMelacha St., Eilat

Aside from being Israel’s ultimate vacation spot, Eilat has one of the best hummus restaurants around. Hummus of Eilat prepares daily quality hummus from fresh ingredients only. Here you will find all the classic toppings (mushroom, chickpeas, broad beans, tahini, lentils) and fantastic side dishes (fresh falafel balls, french fries, fresh salads, and more).