5 Pickle of the Month clubs for National Pickle Month



Sadly, we’re nearing the end of National Pickle Month, but thanks to online clubs, you can celebrate pickles all year round.

The Jewish Link

When many folks of a certain age and demographic think of pickles, their thoughts likely drift back to memories of the pickle basket at their favorite deli. That’s largely thanks to the Jewish immigrants living in New York at the end of the 19th century, who made the dill pickle we know and love today — with plenty of garlic, dill and salt brine — so popular.

Today, pickles have never been more popular. In the United States alone, about 20 billion pickles are consumed each year. This pickle proliferation has inspired upstart producers to fill the marketplace with their wares. With so much to choose from, the smart thing to do is to let someone else pick your pickles and ship them to your door. With these best pickle of the month clubs, you can do just that.


Pickle Licious founder Robyn Brown Samra (known as “The Pickle Lady”) has a passion for pickles. In 1993, Robyn was a struggling waitress who just wanted to improve the lives of her two small children. So, despite having limited resources, she vowed to follow her dream of starting her own business. She decided to open a booth at a local flea market. And as a Jewish kid from Jersey who was practically raised on pickles and bagels, Robyn felt confident that pickles would be a runaway bestseller.


Five pickle varieties are available for subscription: full sour, half-sour, kosher dill, hot and spicy, and horseradish, plus more than a dozen different varieties of olives.

Pickle Licious offers ten subscriptions, all variations on different sized containers of pickles and olives arriving monthly for three, six, or 12 months. A six-month subscription of one-gallon jars (about 40 pickles), for instance, is about $150, while a three-month subscription for a pint of olives plus a quart of pickles sells for around $60. Shipping is extra.

Pacific Pickle Works

Fresh from the farm to their sunny Santa Barbara factory, peak-season produce is hand-packed in the bold & spicy brine that makes a West Coast pickle truly shine.

Pacific’s pickle club comes in two flavors: gherkin and big dill. Both last for one year, with four shipments that come once every three months. The gherkin includes two jars per shipment for about $125. The big dill gets you four jars per shipment for around $205. Shipping is included.


Mouth’s Pickles Every Month subscription includes four jars per month and offers different subscription service plans and delivers a fun box of pickles each month. The mix emphasizes cucumbers, with a jar or two of more offbeat items to add variety. You can subscribe month to month for a recurring charge of $60, or you can save when prepay for three, six, or 12 months upfront. Either way, there’s no extra charge for shipping.

Olympia Provisions

Olympia Postal Provisions Club is your chance to take a culinary journey through European-style charcuterie by having it delivered right to your doorstep, whenever you want. The pickle membership takes you on a tour of 6 unique pickled vegetables inspired by some of Europe’s most famous cuisine cultures. Each month for 6 months you will receive a different pickled delicacy. You decide your journey by selecting how many jars you want per shipment. They will process your recurring order automatically each month, and then send your pickles right to your door!


Lemon Bird specializes in pickles and jams, and all of its seasonal produce comes from local farms. The pickles of the season will be delivered all year long. The pickle lover will always have a jar available as a special treat! They ship two pre-selected pickles to members every other month for a total of 6 pickles for the half year. (Pickle shipments are made 3 times a year.) Upon joining the club, the first pickle shipment will be sent along with an introduction package. All pickles are pre-selected for club members.