We found 6 pickle makers near St. Louis for National Pickle Month


Rebecca Siegel’s Dill pickles – from Flickr Creative Commons

Happy National Pickle Month.  That’s right, we are continuing our celebration of one of our favorite Jewished foods, the pickle. July is national pickle month: a month dedicated to crunchy, super-tasty pickles!

Today, we’re taking a look at who is making pickles in St. Louis and throughout Missouri and Illinois. If you love you some local pickles, make sure you support these small businesses.

Two Men and a Garden started in 2006 when a couple of St. Louis neighbors merged their backyard gardens. Soon they had more produce than they could give away to family and friends, so they perfected some awesome salsa and pickle recipes. The company offers four pickle products including:

  • Dill
  • Bread & Butter Pickles
  • Bread & Butter Kicker Pickles,
  • Spicey Dills.
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Leepy’s Gourmet Foods, headquartered in Colp, Illinois, and offers a wide variety of canned fruits and vegetables, including several varietals of pickles, relishes, salsas, pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, jams and jellies and much more. Leepy’s offers 5 Dill Pickle options:

All available in pints:

  • 14 Day Sweet Pickles
  • Bread & Butter Pickles
  • Sandwich Sliced Dill Pickles
  • Sliced Dill Pickles
  • Sliced Hot Dill Pickles

Leepy’s can no longer process orders online, but are happy to take your order by phone through the Rosebud Antique Mall.  Just call 618-967-3302 during business hours.

Ozark Pickle Pantry located in Camdenton, Missouri offers gourmet, award winning pickles. The Ozark Sweet Tangy Dill and the Ozark Bread and Butter are both on the mild side but the Ozark Sweet Tangy Dill (HOT) pickle has just the right amount of heat to keep you reaching in the jar for more but mellows out quickly. Peppers-n-Pickles have a bit more heat than the hot pickle but you will not be dissappointed in the awesome flavor that you will find with these blend of products. They even have their own brand of dill pickle juice to wash them all down.

Float Trip Pickles is based in Springfield, Missouri and began as a simple snack on a family float trip. Float Trip Pickles offers two different pickle products. The traditional “Float Trip Pickles” as well as “Sweet and Spicy Pickles & Jalapeños” Visit them online.

“Papa Hart” is based in Columbia, Missouri. Papa Hart used to own a winery in Oklahoma and wanted to develop a product that would bring new customers into his winery, so he decided to sell pickles made from a family recipe. These unique pickles are a blend of the flavors of dill and sweet pickles, with some added heat. He began selling them at the winery. By word of mouth, and many tastings, they became a success. Today the Papa Hart offers three pickle varieties:

  • Papa Hart’s Pickles
  • Grandma Linda’s Dill Pickles
  • Katie Marie’s Candied Jalapenos

You can find Papa Hart Pickles at many stores around the St. Louis region.

Kansas City Canning Co. was developed from a mutual love of canning and preserving,  Specializing in pickles, preserves and cocktail goods. The offer several pickle options for sale online. Unfiltered Hoppy Pickles are made using Boulevard Brewing Company’s classic Unfiltered Wheat Beer, these slightly sweet, hoppy pickles are a delight. Whether you use them on a burger, cheese plate or eat them straight out of the jar, you cannot go wrong. Cucumber Dilly Pickles is a spin on traditional German-style pickles, whole Kirby Cucumbers get a brine bath in fresh garlic, spiced peppercorns, with a full press of both dill seed and dill weed.