Matzah pajamas are back, plus a special discount for Jewish Light readers


Jordan Palmer and Chief Digital Content Officer

Matzah pajamas are back! The St. Louis Jewish Light first introduced its readers to Rabbi Yael Buechler who conceived of her PJs two years ago.

“During the pandemic, since we weren’t going to be having any guests for our seders, I decided to buy my kids pajamas to wear for the seders,” said Rabbi Buechler. “When I set them out for my kids to choose which pair to wear, my younger son, then two years old, declared that he wanted to wear the ‘matzah pajamas’ (one of the pairs happened to be yellow). He then went on to wear them every night of Passover. It was my 2-year-old son’s idea to call them ‘matzah pajamas’ and inspired me to create them.”

Since then the Matzah pajamas have been selling like unleavened hotcakes. Jewish influencers have modeled the pajamas on social media, often as entire families, and the children’s set vaulted near the top of Passover sales rankings at Modern Tribe, an online marketplace for Jewish products.

Special for Jewish Light readers

In celebration of Passover, Buechler is offering all Jewish Light readers a 20% discount on all purchases on her website. All you need is the coupon promo code JLight.

New Mt. Sinai Cemetery advertisement

“Folks can wear them to the seder, lounge in them while heating a third bowl of matzah ball soup or curl up in them while watching the Ten Commandments,” said Rabbi Buechler.

Wait there’s more

Passover can be a lonely time for sandwich lovers. No egg salad on pumpernickel and no pastrami on rye! But fear not, the new Hillel Sandwich Tea Towel is here to lift our spirits and ease our Pesach sandwich cravings.

“This design reimagines the Hillel sandwich through the lens of vintage delicatessen advertising,” said Rabbi Buechler.

Shabbat Pajamas

If you’re looking for more of a weekly pajama experience, don’t forget about Shabbat PJs. These debuted just before Hanukkah and are perfect for cozy Shabbat celebrations or Shabbat naps.

“Grownups were requesting Shabbat Pajamas so we just develop adult sizes as well,” said Buechler.

These Shabbat Pajamas have a bright, Pop Art-inspired print that includes a colorful celebration of all things Shabbat, giving us another good reason to look forward to the end of the week.

You can use our coupon promo code for purchasing anything on Rabbi Buechler’s site.