The new Hanukkah and Shabbat pajamas are here


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

If you ask me, life is always better when wearing pajamas. Last year, I rediscovered the true joy of comfy pajamas after receiving them as a gift for Hanukkah.

Soon, I learned that Hanukkah wasn’t the only holiday to be celebrated in sleepwear. That was when New York-based Rabbi Yael Buechler, a veteran Jewish holiday aficionado and entrepreneur, launched Matza Pajamas just before Passover.

“During the pandemic, since we weren’t going to be having any guests for our seders because of the pandemic, I decided to buy my kids pajamas to wear for the seders,” said Rabbi Buechler. “When I set them out for my kids to choose which pair to wear, my younger son, then two years old, declared that he wanted to wear the ‘matzah pajamas’ (one of the pairs happened to be yellow). He then went on to wear them every night of Passover. It was my 2-year-old son’s idea to call them ‘matzah pajamas’ and inspired me to create them.”

The response to Buechler’s matzah pajamas was amazing. Families keep telling her that their children are still wearing them on sleepovers and some took them to sleepaway camp.

“I realized it was time to design something that could be just as meaningful and also for more year-round use. Since Shabbat is our day of rest, it should definitely have its own pajamas!

Shabbat Pajamas

Buechler’s new line has been out just a few weeks. She hopes they will make Shabbat celebrations, from Shabbat dinner to Shabbat naps, to havdalah, even more special for kids.
“Grownups are also requesting Shabbat Pajamas so I am working to develop adult sizes as well, which will be available for preorder,” said Buechler.
These Shabbat Pajamas have a bright, Pop Art-inspired print that includes a colorful celebration of all things Shabbat, giving us another good reason to look forward to the end of the week.
“Additionally, inspired by my 90s spin-art-filled childhood, I’m also launching multicolor Hanukkah Splatter Paint Pajamas (in both kids and adult sizes) for the holidays this year. I’m hoping these pajamas will stand out from the rest and connect with families who may be a little tired of “blue and white everything.”

Wait, it gets better

If you are as “all in” on these PJs as I am, then you’ll be happy to know we’ve arranged for all Jewish Light readers to receive a special 20% discount with the code: Jlight.