The Passover pajamas you didn’t know you needed


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

This past Hanukkah I agreed to do this.

Those are my Hannukah pajamas, and as a non-pajama-wearing guy, I’m now in love with my matching Hanukkah pajamas. So, I guess you could say, I’m all in on whatever comes next.

What’s Coming Next

Your eyes do not deceive you, these are Matza Pajamas for Passover, and although this young toddler is the model, they do come in adult sizes.

“Last Passover, since we weren’t going to be having any guests for our seders because of the pandemic, I decided to buy my kids pajamas to wear for the seders,” said Rabbi Yael Buechler, a veteran Jewish holiday aficionado and entrepreneur, and creator of your future sleepwear. “When I set them out for my kids to choose which pair to wear, my younger son, then two years old, declared that he wanted to wear the ‘matza pajamas’ (one of the pairs happened to be yellow). He then went on to wear them every night of Passover. It was my 2-year-old son’s idea to call them ‘matza pajamas’ and inspired me to create them.”


Wait, it gets better

If you are as “all in” on these PJs as I am, then you’ll be happy to know we’ve arranged for all Jewish Light readers to receive a special 20% discount with the code: Jlight.

Midrash Manicure

These PJs are not Buechler’s first venture into what we’ll call modern Jewish accessories. In fact, she’s been at the forefront of finding new avenues for Jewish creative expression since the mid-1990s.

I’ve always loved painting my own nails each week and adding many intricate designs. I decided to combine my weekly manis with my weekly study of the Torah portion,” said Buechler. “Each time I study the parasha (Torah portion) and midrash (creative commentary) on it, I set out to design a manicure to reflect my own connection with the parasha.

This led to the creation of five designs for Torah Manicures.

Next was the debut of as a way to share this creativity with a broader community and inspire individuals to think about their own modes of innovative Jewish expression. Other Jewish holiday-themed clothing and accessories include her Passover dress that has been worn by the likes of Mayim Bialik, and her Hanukkah scrunchie was worn year-round by none other than the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“Last year, when Mayim Bialik wore the matza dress, it was very exciting for me to see a celebrity sharing her own Judaism through fashion.  A few years ago, I mailed Ruth Bader Ginsburg, z’l (may her memory be for a blessing) one of my Hanukkah scrunchies. She immediately wrote back that she would wear it year-round. That was definitely my favorite piece of mail. It hangs prominently in my office,” said Buechler.

And if pajamas aren’t your thing, Buechler also has Passover headbandsdressesleggingsnail decals, and a matzah playhouse reusable sticker set that little ones will absolutely love. You can use code Jlight to get that same 20% off anything in her shop.

Chag sameach, everyone!