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Ohr Chadash co-editor Noah Kleinlehrer enjoys a solo hike during the pandemic.

Pandemic offers a chance to appreciate ‘normal’ school

By Noah Kleinlehrer, Junior, MICDS October 23, 2020

Back in 1918, when the Spanish Flu pandemic swept through the world, the latest technological innovations included the pop-up toaster and the enigma machine (an encryption device to protect high-level communications). Basic amenities included blankets,...

Shulamit Bastacky, who now lives in Pittsburgh, has a tremendous story of surviving the Holocaust. She connected with Ohr Chadash teen writer Avital Vorobeychik through a program called CHAT, which stands for Corona Halts At Talk, and allows kids and the elderly to talk on the phone every week.

Online program connects local teen with Holocaust survivor

Around the time when COVID first broke out in March, I joined a program called CHAT. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to volunteer at a senior citizen’s home, but I never met the age requirement. One day, I was scrolling through...

Ryan Silver

Finding opportunities amid COVID-19 cancellations

My experience this summer was unexpected, to say the least. With COVID-19 all across the globe, I have had to adapt to life at home, as well as the world of social distancing. Although it was not how I would have imagined it, it changed me for the better...

Every third week, one grade at Whitfield doesn't physically attend school, and instead learns online only. This allows for the building to limit how many students are there at one time so that students and teachers can maintain a safe distance from each other. In his week away from in-person school, sophomore Stephen Rosenberg continues his studies despite not actually being at Whitfield. 

Student discusses private high school’s precautions amid pandemic

All St. Louis public high schools will be operating completely virtually until they reassess in October. Private schools however, have the choice to open up or not, and many have opened.There are certain policies required by Missouri and St. Louis County,...

Illustrative photo

Teens adapt as pandemic upends school routines

COVID-19 has put many teenagers in a position they would never have been able to imagine, going to school from the safety of their own bedrooms. Over the past few months online learning has risen in popularity as the virus has spread rampantly among the...

MICDS senior Lauren Mishkin reads at home.  

Jewish teens adapt after schools, youth groups go online-only

COVID-19 has affected everyone in the world in one way or another, and now the United States is the epicenter of the pandemic. The New York Times has reported that approximately 95 percent of Americans are on lockdown. Many of those affected include...

Pictured from left, Evan Schreiner, Harry Shipley, Chris Chen, Rohan Tatikonda, and Avinash Kamath pose for a picture after a hard day of stream cleaning.

Student-led organization spreads awareness about the environment

In today’s society, environmental matters are very prevalent. Whether it be the growing fear of climate change, increasing concerns about plastic being thrown into the ocean, or the mounting challenges of acid rain, air and noise pollution and waste...

Teen picks: countdown to the Super Bowl

Teen picks: countdown to the Super Bowl

Which teams will face each other in the next play-off round and who will be in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 2? Ohr Chadash Teen Page staff writer Jordan Eisen handicaps the remaining teams below. Eisen is the author of a sports blog at Kansas...

Winter holidays give Jewish teens time to reflect

Winter holidays give Jewish teens time to reflect

For many teens, the holiday season is a time of gratitude and giving. It’s also a chance to spend more time with family and friends, as well as to enjoy themselves. For Jewish teens, the holiday season often means  celebrating Hanukkah, which takes...

A screenshot from the “JewishGirlProbs” Instagram page.

Insta sensation brings Jews from all over together in online community

“JewishGirlProbs” is an Instagram page known internationally for its funny and relatable content. Begun by Aly Silverberg, a Reform Jew from Toronto, Canada, the account has amassed a whopping 34.2K followers, and is a place of community for a variety...

Danielle Platke

How Do “Likes” Influence Social Media?


How important is it for someone to “like” your social media posts? Ohr Chadash posed that question and some others regarding social media to several St. Louis area Jewish teens and here’s what we found: Danielle Platke12th grade, Parkway North...

Lili Toledano (pictured at center), a senior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, began rowing as a freshman.  In September she committed to row for Indiana University, which has a NCAA Division I rowing team. 

Ladue senior makes a splash in competitive rowing

By Eliana Brook, Senior, MICDS November 14, 2019

Meet Lili Toledano, senior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, member of Congregation Shaare Emeth and board member for the Reform Jewish Youth Movement (NFTY). Lili also is the founder and president of her school’s fishing club and a group leader...

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