Why Seth Rogen may be Hollywood’s most versatile artist


Can I ask you a question? Are you capable of writing, producing, and starring in movies? How about becoming very good at pottery? Have you written a book-or lined up numerous future projects?

Seth Rogen has done all of that, and most of it in the past year. 

America’s most funniest and notorious marijuana enthusiast who also dabbles in Hollywood has flipped the depression of the pandemic upside down, outdoing the Daniel Day Lewis (shoe cobbling is so five minutes ago, Danny) offscreen regimen with endless pottery designs and products. I’m not kidding. 

Rogen likes challenges, and doesn’t get caught up in the nostalgia game. He doesn’t collect his movie posters and with DVD/Blu Ray slowly going away, he thought of pottery as making something that he could hold and see. 

Outside of that, Rogen wrote a book last year. A collection of short stories and essays may not blow many people’s minds upon flipping the first page, but inside access like this doesn’t come out every year, especially from a person as blunt as the comedy star and creator. When he’s not ripping Ted Cruz every which way but loose, Rogen is lining up new projects, both in front of and behind the scenes of make believe. 

In addition to producing hit shows like “The Boys” and more challenging fare like Showtime’s “Black Monday,” Rogen is lining up Apple TV+ projects with his “Neighbors” partner in crime, Rose Byrne and starring in films such as “American Pickle.” According to The Ringer, where he did an interview, the film is his most personal yet, and dives directly into his Jewish upbringing. It’s something that the actor wears like a badge of honor. Often in his films, Rogen has found a way to include his Judaism in some way, mostly revolving around humor. But “Pickle” is about a Jewish immigrant who falls into a pickle vat at work, waking up a century later to track down his relative. He plays both parts, because apparently the Rogen way is to work, work, and work some more. 

I’d say it’s working out well for a guy who has always been open for his usage of herb. While his work speaks for itself, one particular interaction between Rogen and a chef/friend on a Netflix series summed up his brilliance and the route to it. He started talking about being lucky to have weed enhance his job and his daily activities. Unlike the common working soul, he can light up in the morning, carve out a script or produce a fresh concept. Marijuana is part of his job AND life, which is something I have always been fascinated by. What was the big, bad devil in the 1960’s is now considered recreational and at least halfway accepted in the United States. It’s Rogen’s own version of Red Bull, and it’s working. 

Just look at what he’s doing before 40 (we are both 1982 babies). Acting, screenwriting, producing, award-collecting, making out with Charlize Theron, and then diving into his own heritage. What I’ve always admired about him is that ability to stay himself through various levels of success. When you read Rogen’s brash yet funny and intelligent Twitter feed, you don’t see someone that Hollywood changed or reloaded for their own good. Rogen did that to the world of entertainment instead. He took it and formatted it to his liking. If you can’t respect that, you can at least laugh at its effectiveness. Oh, and have you seen the video where Rogen’s legendary laugh is synced up with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. 

He’s not just a funny guy. Rogen has a point of view, and is finding alternate ways to connect with his consumers. All the while, outdoing the late Patrick Swayze in the pottery department and aiding the fight against Alzheimer’s.

What will he do next? I bet it will be interesting and funny. If we’ve learned anything about Seth Rogen in the past 20 years (or even the last 365 days), it’s that versatility is his best friend and sharpest tool.