Was Red Auerbach Jewish?


It’s a right of Jewish passage to wonder who out there in the world is Jewish too, especially famous people like actors, singers, athletes, and even social media stars and YouTubers. It’s just something we do.

So, to better answer the question about whether that person is Jewish or not, we’re partnering with Team JONJ at Jew Or Not Jew, a website dedicated to this exact topic. 

Red Auerbach

(Arnold Jacob Auerbach)
September 20, 1917 – October 28, 2006

Since we are from New Jersey and spend lots of our time in New York, we don’t have much love for Boston’s professional sports teams.But we do have a lot of love for a Boston icon, the greatest basketball coach of all time, Arnold “Red” Auerbach, in all his cigar-chomping glory.

Oh sure, Phil Jackson has a chance to overtake Red on titles. But good luck trying to top Auberbach’s streak: nine NBA championships in ten seasons, including an amazing eight straight.

And if Jackson ever catches Red, we could always add Auerbach’s championships as general manager, bringing his total to 16. Would that be cheating? Perhaps a tad. But anything for a Jew. Even one from Boston.

Verdict: Jew.