This pep talk from Andy Cohen’s son is all we need

Lior Zaltzman, Kveller

Jewish dad Andy Cohen and his kids, three-year-old Ben and baby Lucy, are truly a blessing to us all. Cohen recently posted a video of Ben giving him a pep talk in the car — and it will not only cure all of your potential road rage but will also help you feel at peace with the world (at least for a few seconds). Honestly, with all the chaos in America right now, that’s just what we need.

In the video, Cohen, who is parked in his car, asks for his son’s advice: “Ben, sometimes when I drive I get a little frustrated. What should I do?”

“Sometimes, you’ll get frustrated and I’ll help you,” says an adorable voice from the back. Aw! Ben! What a little mensch you’ve become. It’s so moving to see this baby we’ve been following for years become such a sweet little guy.


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When Cohen thanks Ben, and asks how he intends to help him, the 3-year-old, who recently celebrated his birthday at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, replies: “like just help you!” Which is fair. Ben obviously works better in the spur of the moment. He’s not a planner, he’s a doer! I feel it.

Cohen then asks his son what we’ve all been wondering: “It’s gonna be OK, right?”

“Yeah, it’s OK,” Ben replies emphatically. We’ll believe you, Ben!

Cohen then replies with a “thank you Ben” to which Ben sweetly whispers “you’re welcome.”

Thank you, Ben, indeed, for this moment of zen. It was much needed.