Mila Kunis the hero, Amar’e extinguisher jokes and Josh Gad’s White House comedy

Mila Kunis, shown here with Sgt. Scott Moore during the 2011 Marine Ball, saved the life of a man who is working at her house in Los Angeles on May 7, 2012.

By JTA Staff

The 50-year-old man had swallowed his tongue and started choking. Kunis quickly rushed to the scene, urging a friend to call 911 and turning the man’s head sideways to make sure he wouldn’t choke. Paramedics arrived and rushed him to the hospital, where he made a full recovery.

Beth Shalom Cemetery ad

Good job, Mila!

Chelsea Handler vs. Angelina Jolie

Some folks still aren’t over the Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt break-up, even though it happened more than seven years ago.

No, it’s not Jen or Brad, but rather late-night talk-show host Chelsea Handler. The comedian, who is known to be one of Aniston’s closest friends, told More magazine that she would probably never be friends with Angelina Jolie because she wouldn’t be able to trust her

Amar’e Stoudemire vs. the fire extinguisher

Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire took a second-game playoff loss to the Miami Heat pretty hard. Also taking the loss hard was a fire extinguisher in Miami’s American Airlines Arena — Stoudemire punched it.

While the New York baller was taken to the hospital with serious cuts to his hand, Twitter users had fun with the story. One of them, @ColossalEgo, playing off of Stoudemire’s well-known affinity for all things Jewish, quipped: “You would think that with Amare Stoudemire being Jewish he would know that you’re supposed to break glass in celebration.”

Stoudemire had to miss Game 3 of the series, another Knicks loss, but he came back from his injury in the next game to help the Knicks avoid the sweep in the best-of-seven series, breaking the team’s 11-year streak without a playoff win.

Dianna Agron leaving ‘Glee’?

Is Dianna Agron done with “Glee”? Jane Lynch seems to think so. Although no announcement has been made of Agron or her character Quinn leaving the Fox show, Lynch let the news slip out in an interview. Lynch, who plays the school’s anti-glee club coach Sue Sylvester, told “E! News” how emotional it was to do her last scene with Agron. And so, following in the footsteps of Lea Michele, another young Jewish woman may be leaving the hit prime-time show.

Josh Gad’s White House comedy

Josh Gad, the quirky actor known for his role as Elder Cunningham in the Broadway hit “Book of Mormon,” written by “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, is behind a new comedy called “1600 Penn,” which was picked up by NBC for the 2012-13 season. The comedy, co-written by Gad, Jason Winer of “Modern Family” and former White House speechwriter Jon Lovett, will focus on the dysfunctional presidential family. Gad also will play a recurring role and be the show’s executive producer.

Delta pulls ‘Daily Show’ ads

A few weeks ago we reported that Jon Stewart’s “vagina manger” joke had angered the Catholic League, which launched a boycott campaign in response. Now Delta Airlines is pulling its ads from “The Daily Show.” 

Delta insists there is no connection between Stewart’s gag — which, yes, involved a manger scene and a vagina — and its decision to stop advertising.

But that hasn’t stopped the Catholic League’s president, Bill Donohue, from taking credit. Donohue congratulated Delta on the Catholic League’s website, saying “I encourage everyone to choose Delta the next time they fly. We need to support advertisers who act responsibly.”

Donohue promised to continue the campaign and now will focus on convincing the cereal giant Kellogg’s to follow Delta in quitting Stewart.

Saying goodbye to Adam and Maurice

These have been a sad few days with the loss of two talented Jewish artists: Last Friday, Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys passed away from cancer, and on Tuesday we lost Maurice Sendak, author and illustrator of “Where the Wild Things Are,” who died as a result of a complications from a stroke. May they both rest in peace.

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