Jewish Film Festival 2007 Sid Raymond is the subject of ‘Sid at 90’


Likely you have not heard of funny man Sid Raymond, despite his 70-year career in show biz. The lively, spry actor-comedian who passed away at age 97 last year, is the subject of Sid At 90, a delightful, affectionate look at a life lived in the spotlight.

Although he never achieved real fame, Sid appeared in films, on TV, radio and stage, with a career that spanned from vaudeville to the recent era, one of those performers who just never stopped working. He was best known as the voice of Baby Huey in the old cartoons but he also appeared in episodes of the Honeymooners on TV and in The Prize with Edward G. Robinson. He also did voices in other cartoons, such as Heckle and Jeckle and Popeye.

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Sid At 90 will be shown on Wednesday, June 27, at noon and 2:00 p.m., part of the “Senior Mitzvah” sponsored series.

The 2 p.m. show is already sold out, which prompted the addition of the noon screening.

Despite his lack of big time success, Sid was a fun-loving, funny guy with whom audiences will quickly fall in love. A lot of the short documentary features Sid reminiscing about his career, with his wisecracking wife at his side to catch his mistakes. There is also footage of Sid’s career and interviews with legions of friends and fans, making it clear that if he didn’t become a big name, he certainly won the loyalty of friends and admiration of other professionals.

Part of the charm of Sid At 90 is the subject’s unsinkable optimism. Still high-energy and working at 90, and even still looking for a big break, Sid is not bitter or jaded about his lack of fame, just still having fun. That he was able to make a life and a living for himself doing something he loved, playing around, was satisfaction enough for Sid.

Along with Sid’s own career, you get a quick tour of how entertainment has changed through the decades. Since Sid’s career stretched back to vaudeville and the early days of television, he has some tales to tell, and the first-hand witness to pop culture history is fascinating.