Is Brett Goldstein, who plays foul mouthed Roy Kent on Ted Lasso, Jewish?


It’s a right of Jewish passage to wonder who out there in the world is Jewish too, especially famous people like actors, singers, athletes, and even social media stars and YouTubers. It’s just something we do.

So, to better answer the question about whether that person is Jewish or not, we’re partnering with Team JONJ at Jew Or Not Jew, a website dedicated to this exact topic. 

Brett Goldstein

How does a show on a network no one would watch if it didn’t come free with an iPhone, a show about a subject no one in America cares about, a show that is based (this is no joke!) on a television commercial, receive 13 Emmy nominations, including not four, not five, but seven(!) for acting?Four of those seven are in supporting actor category, so the votes will likely be split. Our choice: (He’s here! He’s there! He’s everywhere!) Roy Kent, of course. And no, not just because he is played by Brett Goldstein, Jew. He is the best character on a pretty good, funny, heartening show (close second: Coach Beard, also nominated despite maxing out at three lines an episode).

So… why? Well, for one, it’s a pandemic year, so the production of many shows is out of whack. To say that the competition is weak is putting it mildly. And… well, did you see above when we called it a pretty good, funny, heartening show?

(Season 1, at least. Let’s just say that we’re not expecting that many Emmy nominations for Season 2… other than Roy Kent, of course!)

Verdict: Jew.

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