Danielle Finn, the Modern Orthodox high schooler faces first major challenge on “American Idol”


Jordan Palmer, Special For The Jewish Light

Danielle Finn is safely inside the Top 24, on “American Idol” season 20, but it came with a dose of reality from popstar, Katy Perry.


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Finn, 17, the Modern Orthodox singer from Los Angeles continued her journey on Monday, April 4th singing “Evergreen” by Yebba.  During the performance, Perry was seen with an awkward look on her face, as Finn sang. Clearly not impressed, Perry later told Finn what she thought of her performance.

“Danielle, I wrote down ‘that was rough, the worse wone she’s done,” said Perry. Finn caught off guard responded humbly.  “You have to be consistently pro in this game,” continued Perry, perhaps eluding to an inconsistent performance on stage, and her competition, Sage, had a big voice.

Based on the judges’ responses, Sage performed better, and both singers did advance to the Top 24.

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Perry told Finn, that she has been fighting for her ever since auditions when Perry and fellow judge Luke Bryan had different opinions on Finn, and her moving on. Now, Perry says, Finn needs to fight for herself.