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Hey y’all!  

Please check the details on this cool double episode release for the podcast “The Music Plays the Band” we co-created and are co-producing with Robert Koritz from Dark Star Orchestra.  Tonight at 7pm Central we release Rob’s conversations with Dead and Company keyboardist Jeff Chimenti and Americana duo Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams.  Rob is old pals with Jeff Chimenti and gets some nice insights from a musicians who has played with the surviving members of the Dead for years. 

We are super proud of the episode with Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams as Larry is a hero of ours from his days in Bob Dylan’s band.  He shares some pretty cool insights about being in that band and the influence of the Grateful Dead on Bob Dylan.  Both conversations are awesome!  Please check it out and let us know what you think!  

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‘The Music Plays the Band’ Podcast From Dark Star Orchestra Drummer Rob Koritz Welcomes Very Special Guests Jeff Chimenti, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams
Many Fans Will Appreciate the Conversations Among Musicians Yielding Unique Nuggets 

Podcast homepage: https://themusicplays.buzzsprout.com/

March 11, 2021 – Launched earlier this year The Music Plays the Band podcast from Dark Star Orchestra Drummer Rob Koritz has been highlighting and focusing on the influence of the Grateful Dead on the life and career of professional musicians within the jamband world and beyond.

Today, the podcast is set to feature expansive interviews with three of the scene’s most captivating musicians, Dead & Company keyboardist Jeff Chimenti and husband and wife duo Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, all sharing unique nuggets on their life, performing with some of music’s ultimate royalty and more.

With Larry & Teresa, both offer incredible depth in their conversation with Rob on The Music Plays the Band, and Larry has the unique experience of getting to play music with Bob Dylan. Referring to working with the muse, Larry offers that Dylan “had recordings of Dead versions of his songs that he would play for us and wanted us to emulate.” Further developing a side of Bob Dylan many would love to know more about Rob had Larry reveal that Dylan’s view of the Dead: “I know he had a lot of respect for those guys.”

Some revelations from Jeff Chimenti include the theme of moving from the jazz scene into the world of the Grateful Dead: “The older cats were saying, “Grateful Dead…stay away from it”, and then when I listened, I thought why would somebody tell me that? This is great!” The revelations on when Chimenti discovered the Dead: “The first Grateful Dead I heard was when I went to Bob’s house to have a listen and that was the start of it for me.”

Pulling from his lifetime as a professional touring musician specializing in the music of the Grateful Dead, Rob is excited to share these and other conversations he feels are largely missing from the cannon of Grateful Dead inspired content. 

The latest editions of The Music Plays the Band are available now on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and more via the landing page https://themusicplays.buzzsprout.com/.