Jewish Trivia: The Barney Greengrass snafu

Mark D. Zimmerman , Special For The Jewish Light

A court-ordered redistricting in New York has resulted in two current Democratic members of Congress having to run against each other, as the newly-drawn district borders now encompass both of their residences.
Jerry Nadler’s 10th district is primarily based on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, while Maloney’s 12th district is centered on the Upper East Side. The newly configured 12th Congressional District covers both sides of uptown Manhattan. Both candidates have strong connections to the large Jewish community in the district.
When Nadler was seen on C-Span carrying a bag from Zabar’s, a famous Upper West Side appetizing store, his spokesman said that the bag contained “A babka and the Constitution, what else?”. Maloney has touted her authorship of the Never Again Education Act, providing support and funding for Holocaust education.
But Maloney made a gaffe recently when she attempted to prove her bona fides to Upper West Side Jews by referring to another dining institution in that neighborhood, the Jewish-style deli, and appetizing store Barney Greengrass.

What did she incorrectly call that store?

A. Barney Crabgrass.

B. Barney Green Beans.

C. Grassroots.

D. Mr. Green Jeans.

E. Barney Rubble.

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