Darn internet outage tanks Jewish Light donation page


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

Dear Jewish Light Readers,

“Where did your donation page go?” was the subject line of a few emails and some curious calls, as many of you, and your kind hearts were looking to donate the St. Louis Jewish Light, but could not.

We now know why.

Apparently, problems with some Amazon Web Services cloud servers are causing slow loading or failures for significant chunks of the internet.  And, well, that included us, or more specifically the third party vendor who serves our donation page.

“Amazon’s widespread network of data centers powers many of the things you interact with online, including this website, so as we’ve seen in previous AWS outage incidents, any problem has massive rippling effects. People started noticing problems at around 10:45AM ET,” reported the Verge, which covers technology and internet news.

There is no timetable for when full service will be restored. If you were trying to make a much-needed and appreciated donation but were frustrated by the outage, please remember that the internet is not perfect, but your intentions were.  😃😃😃😃

Please come back to tomorrow, we will be right here, no matter what the internet does, or doesn’t do.


Chief Digital Content Officer.