Some 6,000 IDF reservists pledge to continue their service

The petition comes in response to reserve soldiers refusing to show up for duty in protest of the government’s proposed judicial reforms.


IDF reservists sleep near armored personnel carriers at the Gaza border, on the eighth day of Operation Protective Edge, July 15, 2014. Photo by Yossi Aloni/Flash90.

(JNS) Some 6,000 IDF reservists have signed a petition saying that they will continue to serve, countering the trend of reservists threatening to not show up for duty if the government’s proposed judicial reforms are seen through.

“We, current reservists representing all parts of the nation, in all ranks and roles, and from the entire political spectrum, continue and will continue to serve as reserve soldiers in the IDF, despite the current fighting in civil society, out of a sense of mission and recognition of the importance of the army in defending the homeland,” the petition states.

Oded Harush, a tank commander in the reserves, told Channel 12 that he and a friend started the petition in response to a growing number of reservists saying they will abdicate their responsibilities to the nation over the political dispute.

“The statement is very simple: Leave the army out of the conversation. It’s a matter of the basic security of every citizen in this country, it cannot operate according to an agenda. Without the army, we cannot live, and security is the basis of everything. … Otherwise, no one will be left here,” said Harush.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also spoken out against reserve soldiers refusing to serve because they don’t agree with the government’s efforts to restructure the judicial branch.

On Monday night, Netanyahu described it as an existential threat.

“Refusal to serve threatens the foundation of our existence, and it must have no place in our ranks,” Netanyahu said after attending a Purim megillah reading at a Border Police base in the Jewish community of Beit Horon. “Israeli society has always condemned those refusing to serve. This will not be allowed to gain a foothold,” he added.