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Popular “Held” Podcast takes center stage at Nishmah Women’s Retreat


In the ancient wisdom of the Torah, the phrase na’ashe v’nishmah – “We will do and we will hear” – captures a deep commitment to action and understanding. This timeless principle, which also inspires the name of the Nishmah women’s group at the St. Louis Jewish Community Center (The J), finds new resonance in the life and story of Angie Mestman Offstein. Her journey of revelation and reconciliation is powerfully documented in the podcast mini-series, “Held,” which chronicles her life as a teenager in St. Louis.

After 35 years of silence, Angie Mestman Offstein’s deeply buried secret was unearthed through modern science, leading to an emotional odyssey that has captivated listeners. Now, she and her sister-in-law, podcast host Karri Offstein Rosenthal, are set to share this story of courage and connection to inspire the women of St. Louis at a special retreat hosted by Nishmah.

The Nishmah Retreat and Held

Offstein and Rosenthal are the featured guests at Nishmah’s biannual Women’s Retreat, September 20-22 at Camp Sabra. This marks the first overnight retreat since 2018 and the first ever at Camp Sabra.

“For many, there’s a strong sense of nostalgia, both from a Nishmah retreat perspective and a Camp Sabra perspective. Alumni are eager to revisit camp as adults with their peers, and mothers of young children see it as an opportunity to explore potential summer camps for their kids,” said Avital Kadosh, Director of Jewish Experience and Innovation at the St. Louis Jewish Community Center (The J).

The retreat, aimed at adult Jewish women, features a dynamic schedule filled with learning, entertainment, and communal activities. Highlights include Shabbat services, kosher dining, and promises to be a transformative gathering, embodying the spirit of na’ashe v’nishmah.

“We aim to bring together Jewish women of all ages and stages, emphasizing that everyone has something to learn and teach. Our retreat will offer multiple service options, ensuring everyone finds a worship space that feels right for them,” added Kadosh.

Talking about ‘Held’

(L) Karri Rosenthal and (R) Angie Offstein.

“Transformational Change” is the main theme of this year’s Women’s Retreat. Whether or not you’ve listened to Offstein’s story on the podcast, her journey is undeniably one of profound transformation.

“So, the idea of transformational change, and Angie’s story is a great example, revolves around the death and rebirth moments in life. What are our own death and rebirth moments? What are our transformational experiences? What does transformational change look like in our lives? That’s the theme,” Kadosh explained.

The first night’s program will feature Offstein and Rosenthal discussing the story of “Held” and its effect on their family.

“Well, so for me, for my own story, it is a moment in time where part of me died and a new part of me was birthed,” said Offstein from her home in Boulder, Colorado. “And, you know, every day and every week, and every year, I’m filling up this new person with new memories and new emotions and new ways to navigate the world.”

This thematic focus will continue throughout the weekend, culminating in the live recording of the first episode of Season Two of their podcast, featuring interviews with women sharing their own transformational experiences.

“I think this will be an incredible opportunity for women to share stories they might not have felt good about in the past,” said Offstein. “Sharing these experiences, especially among women, creates a powerful bond. Whether it’s a story like mine or one involving an accident, a death, an epiphany, or a long-held secret, there’s a common thread that connects us all.”

Nishmah Women’s Retreat

This special Shabbat retreat promises to be a unique opportunity for adult women to connect, learn, and grow.


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