My grandparents read the Jewish Light and I bet yours did too


There’s something reassuring, and at the same time, exciting about knowing that for generations before me, the St. Louis Jewish Light was a fixture in the homes of my ancestors. There have been articles about my great grandfather, the first Jewish professor at St. Louis University; my parent’s wedding announcement, my sister’s bat mitzvah announcement, and too many obituaries to count. It gives me a sense of history that I can’t find anyplace else.

What the Jewish Light also provides, for all of us, is a connectedness not only to generations of the past, but also to one another right now. In a rapidly changing world often filled with divisiveness and strife, being connected to a community of people who share similar core values – of giving back, of taking care of each other, of striving to make the world a better place – not only provides comfort but also offers hope and inspiration for the future.

The Jewish Light allows us to touch our Jewish roots and values every day. In addition to our award-winning print newspaper delivered to your home mailbox every other week, we deliver digital newsletters to your email account nearly every day, including ones dedicated to families, Israel, celebrations and obituaries as well as our Morning Light, which brings you the latest news and features along with important happenings in our local community. The Jewish Light tells the stories of our lives and the lives of the people, places and things that make Jewish St. Louis unique, and we do this without charging for any of our products.

Here’s the catch: We need your support to continue to do this. As an independent, non-profit media outlet, we depend on readers like you to support us with a tax-deductible donation so we can keep on telling the stories that matter to all of us.

As the saying goes, l’dor v’dor — from generation to generation. We need your help to ensure the St. Louis Jewish Light is here for decades to come to share our stories and Jewish values from generation to generation.

With pride and gratitude,

Betsy Schmidt
Chief Executive Officer
St. Louis Jewish Light
[email protected]