Musk tweets picture of Nazi soldier

The world’s richest man recently completed his purchase of Twitter for $44 billion.

(JNS) Newly minted Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Monday posted to his social media platform a picture of a World War II Wehrmacht soldier carrying three carrier pigeons in a cage during the Nazi invasion of France.

The photo’s original caption reads, “3 UNREAD MESSAGES,” and “How times have changed” has been added to the post.

In follow-up tweets, Musk added, “Back when birds were real,” and then, “But if Twitter is bird, that’s means … [exploding head emoji, connotating mind blown, shocked]”

No additional explanation for the posts was forthcoming.

Musk recently completed his oftentimes tumultuous purchase of Twitter for $44 billion.

The Anti-Defamation League has called on advertisers to suspend their relationships with Twitter over fears the platform is becoming increasingly replete with anti-Semitic content.