Jewish Missouri Attorney General candidate co-launches ‘Jews Against Soros’ website

They seek to counter the claim that any criticism of the billionaire qualifies as antisemitic.


Jordan Palmer AND Jewish News Service ,

(JNS) The recent incident featuring Twitter owner Elon Musk comparing nonagenarian financier and philanthropist George Soros to the supervillain Magneto again opened debate about where legitimate ideological criticism of the prolific political funder ends and antisemitic hate begins.

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Now, two Jewish conservatives have launched a grassroots initiative to clarify.

In a Tweet, Missouri Attorney General candidate Will Scharf announced that he and Newsweek senior editor-at-large Josh Hammer have launched “Jews Against Soros.”

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Their new website says: “There is nothing antisemitic about identifying the many ways that George Soros and his network of organizations fund the radical left. Leftism isn’t Judaism, and being anti-leftist is not the same as being Antisemitic. Period.”

The site then lays out the 92-year-old Hungarian Holocaust survivor’s history of funding political activism, including support of the anti-Israel BDS movement.

Hammer tweeted:

“Soros has dedicated his life to fomenting American anarchism, undermining Israel’s territorial integrity, and destabilizing Western nation-states more generally.”

Scharf told the Daily Caller, “We plan to build a grassroots army of Jews committed to standing up against Soros and his brand of leftism.”

Scharf announced his candidacy for attorney general on January 31st.