Are you a superstar? Yeah? Then why are you not working here?


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

Is there such a thing as a perfect job? Most people are likely to say no, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a less than perfect gig.  You’ll have ups and downs, and ebbs and flows. But, overall finding satisfaction in your work is very possible. Sadly, many folks are in positions where they never even think about their enjoyment factor. While at the same time, many folks are struggling to just find a job, regardless of whether they would enjoy it or not. They just need the paycheck.

Imagine, instead of searching job boards and recruitment websites, a job posting appeared in the form of a story, that could cut through and really show you if you’re a match for a job?

The Jewish Light Wants You

No matter if your goal is to find a job inside the St. Louis Jewish community, or one allowing you to grow, we think our open position is one that can really help someone get started on their career path, or provide someone more seasoned, with a new opportunity or a change they may be looking for.

We are looking for the right person to become our next “Integrated Media Sales Consultant.” No matter if you are someone with years of media sales experience, or a young person looking to start, this position is one that you should considerr.

“We are looking for someone who has an energy that is contagious,” said Stacy Smart, the new Director of Business Development and Communications for the Jewish Light. “Oftentimes, a prospective client’s first introduction to the Light and our products will be this person. So it is important that the person we hire has the type of personality that people are drawn to and an energy that can light up a room.”

In essence, we are looking for someone with charm to spare, confidence in buckets, with a solid dose of emotional intelligence and empathy. A person who can identify a client’s needs as well as their hesitations.

Is this you? Or someone you know?  

We know this person is out there, and we hope this story finds them soon.

“We are looking for that next superstar,” said Smart. “Reach out to me if you know someone or are interested yourself!  I would love to connect with you.”

You can contact Stacy right now, via email at [email protected]