ADL, BBYO youth group initiative to help youth tackle antisemitism


(JNS) The Anti-Defamation League and BBYO (formerly known as the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization) have formed a partnership to provide students in the United States and internationally with the skills they need to respond to Jew-hatred.

“Surveys have shown that Jewish students increasingly are experiencing anti-Semitism at home, in their communities and online at frightening levels,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “We need to prepare Jewish students to be able to understand the drivers of modern anti-Semitism and the ways by which they can respond safely and effectively when hate manifests in their lives.”

As part of their collaboration, the ADL will train teenage members of BBYO on how to understand and respond to anti-Semitism. The two organizations will also open a joint incident-reporting site for teens to report acts of anti-Semitism and bias.

Additionally, experts from both groups will create a resource for parents and educators to use when initiating discussions on anti-Semitism and hate, while being mindful of the mental-health challenges facing teens today.

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Matthew Grossman, CEO of BBYO, said, “As Jewish teens around the world face increased anti-Semitic harassment and hate speech in their schools, communities and on social media platforms, having the tools to understand and respond to anti-Semitism is vital.

“BBYO has a long history of supporting young people in the fight against hate in all forms, and as anti-Semitism grows and its sources evolve, this partnership with ADL is an ideal way for us to continue supporting our teens as they navigate the tides of intolerance,” he continued.

BBYO, a pluralistic youth group, has some 70,000 members and 725 chapters in 60 countries.