10-year-old FBI agent Drew Patchin solves mystery of missing Stanley Cup


Drew (L) and Tyler (R) Patchin.

Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

In 2019, Drew Patchin was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and underwent surgery and radiation treatments. Unfortunately, a scan this past February 2023 revealed a new spot in a more dangerous location than Drew’s other brain tumors. St. Louis and Memphis doctors agreed the tumor was inoperable and they could no longer advise radiation.

Since then, Drew’s parents, Jennifer and Doug Patchin of Creve Coeur have dedicated themselves to creating as many memories together as a family as possible

On Friday, with the help of the FBI, another memory was created.

Special Agent Drew Patchin

Also back in 2019, the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup. On Friday, while no one was looking, a famed international criminal known worldwide as the “Hamburglar” stole the coveted cup. With no leads on where the Hamburgler was holed up, the St. Louis office of the FBI turned to Drew, 10 and his 5-year-old brother Tyler Patchin.

The Patchin brothers are known as international crime solvers. The brothers were quickly sworn in as Junior Special agents and began their investigation. According to FBI spokeswoman Rebecca Wu, the Patchins identified the suspect using their fingerprint identification skills. They then traveled with a SWAT team in an FBI armored vehicle to make the arrest. 

Following the arrest of the Hamburgler, Agents’ Patchin held a press conference to alert the public about the day’s events.